How Fast Can A Cane Corso Run? | 2024 Complete Guide

How Fast Can A Cane Corso Run? | 2024 Complete Guide

The Cane Corsos, an Italian breed of the Mastiff, has mainly been used as a guard dog or to protect livestock. Its connection to hunting and herding cattle doubtlessly points to speed and endurance.

Cane Corsos are also present throughout history in many other very interesting settings, including war, where the Romans used them as war dogs – which instantly connects the breed with ferocity and speed.

How Fast Can A Cane Corso Run

If you have a pet Cane Corso, who is either your family pet or a guard dog helping you out on the farm or ranch, you might have learned of the dog’s history and wondered how fast can a Cane Corso run (and how they measure it).

In this post, I’ll discuss how fast the average Cane Corso can run, how far they can run, and how fast they run compared to other notable dog breeds. I’ll also go through a couple of FAQs.

How Fast Can A Cane Corso Run?

Cane Corsos can reach up to an impressive 32 miles per hour, and it comes as no surprise that they are the fastest compared to all other Mastiff breeds.

Their speed comes as a shock especially considering they are large and hefty dogs, but they manage to surpass the top speed of the fastest man alive – Usain bolt, which is 27.3 miles per hour.

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The Cane Corso’s body has dense musculature, but is also extremely agile, which allows them to reach such speeds despite its physical size.

How Do You Measure A Cane Corso’s Speed?

Measuring how fast can a Cane Corso run is done at the Fast CAT (Course Ability Test) tournament which is an event that is organized by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

This tournament measures the speeds of dogs by making them run a 100-yard dash while chasing a lure.

They run in one direction which allows an easy and clean study of their speed and has caught the attention of a lot of dog owners across the states.

This event is quite special since it is open to all dogs who are twelve months or older, and allows mixed breeds as well.

How Far Can A Cane Corso Run?

Since this particular breed was bred to be working dogs, they like to run a lot and have fairly good endurance as well.

An adult Cane Corso can run up to 3 – 5 miles, and is a great companion if you like to go running. 

Some well-trained Cane Corsos can run up to 10 miles in one go, but unless your dog is extremely sporty, we suggest you stick to the usual short distances.

Cane Corso Run

The weather can also affect the distances a Cane Corso can run – especially if it is hot outside. They will start drooling and showing signs of fatigue at which point you must let them rest.

Are Cane Corsos Good Running Dogs?

Like I said, they were bred for the very purpose, Cane Corsos ARE good running dogs. They are generally classified as working dogs so being active is part of their biology as well.

You can most definitely have them be your running buddy, which is also a great way to make sure that they get ample exercise as well.

While there are dogs that are faster than Cane Corsos, they are by NO MEANS slow, so you can definitely have them on your farm or ranch as guard dogs.

How Fast Can A Cane Corso Run Compared To Other Dogs?

Let’s take a quick look at how the top speed of Cane Corsos compares against other breeds.

Dog BreedAverage Speed
Cane Corso32 mph
Grey Hound45 mph
Saluki42 mph
Afghan Hound40 mph
Jack Russell Terrier38 mph
Dalmatian37 mph
German Shepherd30 mph
Scottish Deerhound28 mph


Can Cane Corsos Run Long Distances?

As explained before, the average distance a Cane Corso can run is often limited to 3 to 5 miles. 

However, if your dog has an athletic background, and has had training in competitions and exercises regularly, it can develop the necessary agility, endurance, and musculature to continue up to an impressive 10 miles.

Can Cane Corsos Run Long Distances

But it heavily depends on the work that you or the dog’s trainer is willing to put in. But one must also consider external factors such as hot weather, which can overheat your dog and therefore affect its overall performance.  

How Much Do Cane Corsos Run?

Since Cane Corsos have a history as working dogs and are still considered to be working dogs, they have a natural inclination to run a lot. And this means they need a lot of exercise as well.

If you are living in an apartment with your dog (which would mean there is limited space for movement), taking them for runs regularly is a must. And if they are living on a farm or ranch, they will be running quite a lot, which will obviate the need for additional exercise.

However, they are very active and agile dogs so treating them as such is important if you want them to be healthy.


In conclusion, the Cane Corso is an impressive breed of dog with a unique set of qualities and abilities. Not only are they majestic guardians, but their speed and agility make them formidable athletes that can reach top speeds.

They also have great stamina, allowing them to run for long periods over long distances. Training is key to ensure your Cane Corso remains healthy and safe while running, as well as proper nutrition and exercise.

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