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Best Mastiff Books You Should Read

There are several great books about mastiffs on the market. Whether you are thinking about bringing one of these dogs into your home or just welcomed your first puppy, learning all you can is important.

When you take the time to learn about the breed, you are able to raise a happy puppy and live with a calm, well-socialized, and healthy adult. Here are some of our favorite owner’s guides as well as novels featuring the giant, loveable breed.

Mastiffs (Complete Pet Owner’s Manual)

This is the perfect starter book for any mastiff owner. You will learn about the history of the breed, its origins, and current breed standards. The book also provides information about the basics: feeding, health, and exercise. The book’s sections are easy to read and its pages are packed with colorful photos that you will adore.

This owner’s manual is a good beginning point for anyone who is new to the mastiff breed. Those who have raised mastiffs in the past or have read other books may want to seek out a book that delves into greater detail. This book, however, is a must for any first-time mastiff owner who desires basic information.



Mastiff: A Comprehensive Guide to Owning and Caring for Your Dog

Giant breeds like the mastiff require special care. This book is a good one if you want information that runs from the basic to the in-depth. Feeding and general health advice are included, but you will also find information on the importance of socializing your dog and how to get it done.

Did you know that improper feeding and exercise can cause bone damage later in life? This book lets you know how to care for your puppy in order to have a healthy adult.

A bit more all-encompassing than your basic manual, this book is perfect as an introduction to the breed and for anyone who is looking for a bit more information. It’s an easy, entertaining read and should be added to the book shelf of any mastiff owner.

Neapolitan Mastiff: A Comprehensive Owner’s Guide

These gorgeous animals deserve the best care a human can provide. Read this book if you want to learn how to start off on the right foot with your new puppy. It’s a fantastic starter book for anyone new to the breed. Packed full of information about health care, feeding requirements, socialization and more, you will find yourself turning to the pages of your book often as you raise your puppy.

People who choose giant breeds are taking on added responsibility. While all dogs should be well behaved, yours is going to be twice the size — or more — of typical dogs. Your dog will have special health concerns and must be able to handle itself appropriately in public. This book helps you ensure that you raise your puppy the right way and end up with a heathy, well-socialized adult dog.


The Mighty Mastiff of the Mayflower

Written in 2012, this book is wonderful for children. The novel is based on a true story about a dog that arrived in America with the first settlers. It is aimed at children between the ages of 8 and 12, but you are sure to love it as an adult. The book is as entertaining as it is factual.

Your little one will learn about the first voyages to the Americas while being awed by the story about Grace the mastiff. Beautiful illustrations allow your child to visualize the story. Encourage them to read it on their own or read a chapter out loud each night as a family. The book will soon become a favorite in your house.

Mastiffs, Mystery, and Murder

This murder mystery is loved by adults and teenagers alike. It’s a murder at the local dog show and an amateur sleuth is tasked with solving the mystery.

Any dog lover will fall in love with the G-rated murder mystery featuring a trusty St. Bernard and a mastiff. The pace of the story is quick, making the book seem shorter than its 300 pages. Whether you hold a mastiff close to your heart or are simply a dog lover, this book is a fantastic one to add to your collection.


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