Dedicated to the heaviest dog breed on the planet

- and to Kaiser the Mastiff in particular -


The mastiff has quite a violent past in the service of man. What purposes did this giant fulfill? Where did he come from? What other breeds descend from the Mastiff? What do people use this dog for in our time? Is the Mastiff rare in other parts of the world as well?

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You are given explanations about what obedience training and training in general really is all about. After the theoretical subjects, some commands and exercises are explained in detail. 

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Mastiff puppies aren’t like other puppies. They are usually very calm and easy to deal with even when they are small babies. Some Mastiff puppies are, of course, more active than others. They generally tend to learn the house rules fast.

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Searching for the best dog beds for mastiffs?

Well, read on because we have just the perfect recommendations that your mastiff will absolutely love!Searching for the best dog beds for mastiffs? Well, read on because we have just the perfect recommendations that your mastiff will absolutely love!

A few things about Mastiffs

The English Mastiff is the heaviest dog breed in the world. “Mighty Murphy” from England weighed 159 kilos! “Normal” weight of a fully grown male Mastiff is between 80-100 kilos (about 180-220 lbs.), but this varies quite a lot within the breed.

Why groom the Mastiff?

The bathing and brushing make the dog smell less dog, and the shedding of hair will be greatly reduced.

Mastiff vs Children

The English Mastiff is normally great with children. He seems to understand that they are “puppies”, and treats them gently.

Mastiff vs Family

The English Mastiff is the perfect family dog!

Why play?

Your Mastiff needs to be activated. Unless he’s living outside, free to go where ever he pleases, you need to make his life worthwhile.


There are several 
great books about mastiffs on the market.

Whether you are thinking about bringing one of these dogs into your home or just welcomed your first puppy, learning all you can is important. When you take the time to learn about the breed, you are able to raise a happy puppy and live with a calm, well-socialized, and healthy adult. Here are some of our favorite owner’s guides as well as novels featuring the giant, loveable breed.

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