Can Rottweilers Live In Apartments? | 2024 Guide

As dog parents, chances are, you’re acquainted with this dilemma all too well.

If you are living in an apartment, or if you’re planning to shift to one, you will realize that there’s a decision to be made regarding your pup’s health and well-being as well, because some apartments can be notoriously tight spaces that hardly give YOU enough room to stretch around and have fun.

And if you have a sporty and large breed like a rottweiler, the limited space inside an apartment is bound to be a serious problem.

But does this mean a Rottweiler cannot live in an apartment? The short answer would be a confident No.

Rottweilers can live in apartments, and continue to have a normal and healthy life GRANTED that you follow the necessary steps in ensuring that it does get adequate attention in the required ways.

And if you’re new to having a rottweiler in your apartment, or if you’re a dog parent about to move to an apartment, you might want to keep on reading to make an informed decision, and how to follow through if you plan to go ahead.

Pros Of Rottweilers Living In Apartments

Rottweilers can adapt to apartment living like fish in the water if they are given the right care and attention.

Rottweilers don’t shed much and don’t require a lot of grooming and with proper training and socialization, they can be great well-behaved apartment dogs.

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Plus, they are fiercely loyal and protective which can make a small living space feel like a fortress!

Let’s go over these in detail.

They’re Low Maintenance

Small apartments or apartments in general, can be a tough place to groom a dog on one’s own. But you’ll be glad to know that rottweilers are not the kind of dogs that need excessive grooming.

They’re Low Maintenance

Equipped with a relatively shorter coat, grooming your pup will be a breeze, and can definitely be done within the small space of an apartment.

They Can Be Easily Trained

The process of properly training one’s dog is a rite most dog owners in urban areas have to go through. Compared to other breeds of the same size, Rottweilers can be very easily trained.

It has even been found that rottweilers have the actual mental capacity of a two-year-old human! They are quite obedient and will do really well in an apartment, even when left alone. 

They Are Very Protective Of You And Your Family

Rottweilers are great at doing what they are supposed to do! Regardless of whether you live alone or with family, a rottweiler is fiercely protective of its parents, and will instantly alert you if it sees anything out of the ordinary.

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Your apartment will be under the constant watch of your furry friend, and you rest assured that you AND your loved ones are safe with a rottweiler in your apartment. 

Cons Of Rottweilers Living In Apartments

Rottweilers are pretty big and active, so they need a lot of room to run around. Squeezing them into a small living space without exercise can make them antsy and develop behavioral issues.

And let’s not forget that Rottweilers are known to be pretty protective of their families. Living in close quarters with neighbors could make them bark their heads off and cause a ruckus, which everyone in the building would hear.

Let’s take a look at these downsides in more detail.

They Can Be Loud And Must Be Trained When They Are Young

While they are really good watchdogs, Rottweilers can also be pretty loud. If you are living in an apartment complex with neighboring apartments attached to yours, it might be a disturbance to those living next to you.

If not given proper training from a young age, they will continue to be loud, and will eventually become extremely territorial and aggressive. 

Not so good for apartment living if that happens!

They Need Plenty Of Exercises

As a Rottweiler owner, it is important to know that they were bred from working dogs who were trained for cattle herding. This means they need PLENTY of exercises every day.

They Need Plenty Of Exercise

A Rottweiler that does not get enough exercise can turn aggressive, hyperactive, or even depressed through weight gain. 

While a larger house with a big compound will allow a rottweiler to run about and get their exercise in, living in an apartment will not give your pup that freedom.

So you will need to head out with your dog for at least an hour every day so that they get around 1-2 miles in, or at least go to a dog park where they can interact with other dogs and play with them.

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If you are too busy to make sure your dog gets its daily exercise, you should at least hire a dog walker to make sure that the lack of exercise doesn’t affect your Rottweiler’s health.

They Have To Mentally Engage With Something

Compared to a larger house with a proper garden or land, an apartment comes with little to no distractions to keep your dog occupied.

So if you are leaving your rottweiler alone in your apartment, it might grow bored and frustrated, which will eventually lead to it wreaking havoc in your living room.  

Training Rottweilers To Live In Apartments

Training and socialization are a must for a Rottweiler to adjust to apartment life. Here are some tips for training them to live in apartments:

Give Them Mental Simulators

To avoid coming home to torn couches and tables gnawed to their bare splinters, you’ll have to make sure your rottweiler has things to do while you are not at home.

Toys like food puzzles (where your dog has to figure out how to get the food inside the toy) will keep your rottweiler occupied for a considerable time, which will distract them from more destructive things.

Make A Permanent Spot For Your Rottweiler

Get a dog bed, and create a separate place for your rottweiler inside your apartment.

Make A Permanent Spot For Your Rottweiler

You may place it wherever you see fit (preferably somewhere spacious like the living area of your apartment or any open space). Just make sure your dog feels comfortable staying there.

A comfortable dog will make less racket than one that is constantly frustrated.

Create A Set Schedule And Stick To It

When it comes to exercise, allocate a separate time to take your rottweiler out on a walk. And it is important that you stick to it as well.

This will instill a routine in your dog’s life that will make it feel comfortable and settled in.

Feeding your dog according to a schedule is equally important. Do not change the feeding times constantly, as that will mess with your dog’s bowel movements as well.

This will have you cleaning constantly, or taking out your dog in the middle of the night so that it can relieve itself.

Keeping things on a set schedule will help both you and your Rottweiler. 

Introduce Your Rottweiler To Your Neighbors

If you are living in an apartment complex, it would be best to gently introduce your rottweiler to your neighbors (and their pets if they have any).

This will make sure that you do not have any surprising reactions from your dog when you run into them in the hallways, or if they visit your apartment.

This will also make the dog feel less anxious, which will also help them chip in for its walks, whenever you are occupied.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, Rottweilers can live in an apartment if given the proper exercise and training. Owners must be committed to providing the dog with daily walks, regular playtime, and mental stimulation to curb boredom.

When kept in a confined space, it is particularly important to ensure that the rottweiler has enough room to move around comfortably and is not cooped up too long during the day.

Regular vet visits and socialization are essential for apartment-dwelling dogs as well.

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