Do Rottweilers Growl When Happy? | 2024 Guide

Rottweiler is a fantastic breed of dog. They are magnificent, affectionate, loyal, and brave, making them good as both pets and guard dogs. 

But it can be confusing and intimidating when your pet Rottweiler growls, especially when you pet him, cuddle him, or play with him. 

Even though you might be inclined to think of it as a behavior of aggression, it probably is not. One remarkable characteristic of this particular breed is that they tend to growl when they are happy and content.

The important thing is knowing how to tell whether your Rottweiler’s growl comes from being happy or for some other reason.

In this post, I’ll talk about why Rottweilers growl when happy and how to know if they are actually growling because they are happy in a particular situation.

The Rottie Rumble, What Is It?

Rottweilers are a very vocal breed of dog. They will growl, yelp, cry, whine or bark to communicate. 

Of all these vocalizations, nothing would be more off-putting or scary than the growl-like sound they make when they are happy, for anybody who has not had Rottweilers before.

The Rottie Rumble

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This special kind of growl Rottweilers is known for sounds really different from a typical growl of a dog that usually results from aggression or fear.

It is more of a rumbling sound than a growl, though it might be hard to distinguish for the untrained ear.

It is known as the “Rottie rumble” among dog lovers, and the words grumbling and purring are used to describe this behavior too. 

Rottweilers normally make this grumble to express that they are happy and satisfied when their human friends pet them, give them rubs and scratches, play with them or see them after a long day of work. 

One major factor that makes this rumble look like an aggressive growl is that a Rottweiler who is making this happy purring sound would often bare its teeth while doing that. But it is rather a happy smile than an angry snarl.

You should also know that all Rottweilers don’t show this behavior. It would be completely normal if your Rottweiler does not grumble when he is happy. 

How To Tell A Rottweiler’s Happy Grumble From A Growl

It is important for anybody who has a Rottweiler to be able to tell whether their dog is making a happy rumbling noise or growling because mistaking a growl for a happy rumble and proceeding to pet or play with the dog can have undesirable outcomes.

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Pay Attention To The Situation 

One way to tell a Rottweiler’s happy grumble from a growl is to take the particular situation in which the behavior is observed into account. 

If you hear the growl-like sound when you are petting your Rottie, giving him rubs or scratches, or playing with him or as you come home from work or a journey, it is more likely that your dog is making that happy purring sound Rottweilers are known for. 

Pay Attention To The Situation

On the other hand, if your Rottie is in an unfamiliar or scary environment like at the vet’s, sees a strange person or an animal within the vicinity, suffering from pain due to an injury or illness, or having a meal when he makes the sound, it is likely to be a growl.

Pay Attention To The Dog’s Body Language 

Your Rottweiler’s body language can also help you in determining whether he is purring or growling. 

If your Rottweiler stays relaxed and does not tense up while he makes the sound, it can be a happy grumble.

Suppose he also wags his tail, dances around you, asks for pets by putting his paw on you, and gives you kisses and licks, he may be in a happy mood and the sound is likely a happy grumble.

If your Rottweiler’s shackles are raised, his body is tense, and also snaps and barks, he may very well be scared, aggravated, or trying to establish dominance. And he is more likely growling than making that Rottie rumble.

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What Should You Do If Your Rottweiler Grumbles When Happy?

Well, the short answer is, nothing. When a Rottweiler makes a rumbling noise when it is happy, it is quite a normal behavior for the breed. 

But, if the rumbling noise your Rottweiler makes when he is happy puts you off, there is a chance you might be able to condition him not to do it.

What Should You Do If Your Rottweiler Grumbles When Happy

Whenever he grumbles as you pet him, rub him, scratch him, or play with him, stop what you are doing and start again when the rumble stops.

If you are consistent with this tact your Rottie will eventually figure out that his rumbling causes you to stop petting him, giving him rubs or scratches, or playing with him, and gradually stop the behavior. 

Never snap or yell at your Rottweiler to stop his rumbling. Violence will only condition your Rottweiler to be violent. 

Bottom Line

Making a noise similar to growling when they are happy and content is a behavior observed in many Rottweiler dogs, known as Rottie rumble. People often call it grumbling or purring as well.

It is different from a typical growl that is caused by fear, aggression, protective instinct, pain, or the need to establish dominance.

To determine whether a Rottweiler is making a happy rumbling noise or growling, one must pay attention to the dog’s body language and the situation the dog is in. 

Rottie rumble is quite normal and harmless, but if it bothers you, you might be able to train the dog not to do that too.

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