Can Mastiffs Sleep Outdoors In Winter Or Hot Summer?

Mastiffs like to sleep outdoors irrespective of the weather. And this can be a cause of worry for dog parents who do not want them to get sick.

Strictly speaking, mastiffs should not be sleeping outdoors as their body is not made for it. They can play outdoors and even have short naps, but staying outdoors overnight is not something that Mastiffs are made for.

They are particularly intolerant to hot, humid climates, so they have to avoid going out in hot weather.

Mastiffs in cold temperatures

Generally, mastiffs have a moderate level of tolerance to cold, but they should not be left outside on cold winter nights.

They have a short outer coat along with a dense undercoat, which can protect them from cold. But, if the temperature drops to lower levels, then their fur cannot offer reliable protection from cold.

However, you can make some changes to your mastiff’s routine to help it avoid getting sick in cold temperatures. You need to start with some dietary changes to help your dog have a more active day. You should give your mastiff calorie-rich food to make sure it produces enough heat inside its body.

This not only helps in producing more heat but also keeps your dog more active throughout the day. But, you need to keep the quantity of food in a balanced amount to avoid making it lethargic. The food also has to be healthy to avoid accumulating excess fats, which can be a problem.

Another way to prepare your mastiff to prevent catching a cold is to provide extra layers. Blankets and thick woolen sweaters can be a great way of providing extra warmth to your dog. You can also try insulating the dog house or keeping safe heating equipment near your dog’s place of relaxation.

Moreover, avoid giving cold water to your dog for drinking. Bath your dog with warm water and wrap a warm towel around it immediately after drying its fur. This helps the mastiff retain more heat, so you should be mindful of drying your dog’s fur.

How to Insulate Dog Houses?

Insulating your dog house can be an effective way of helping it stay warm during winters. It not only keeps the cold outside but also retains the heat already present inside the dog house. So, here are some of the methods that you can use to insulate your mastiff’s safe haven.

Fiberglass Insulation

Fiberglass insulation is one of the easiest ways to make your dog’s house warmer. It is quite cost-effective and easily available in most stores, so getting it will not be a problem.

You can tape it to the internal side of the dog house or staple it in there if it has solid walls. However, you have to be careful about securing the ends as the particles of fiberglass can be harmful to the lungs.

Polystyrene Foam

Polystyrene foam is another great material that you can use for insulating your mastiff’s home. It is readily available and is safe to use even when your dog scratches the insulation.

Polystyrene is used for making cups and glasses as well that are safe to use for hot drinks. This proves how safe it is as a material, so you can go for it without hesitation.

Wood Pegs

Wood is a natural insulator that is not only cheap but also available in abundance. You can pick out small pegs of wood from nearby or even buy some logs of wood for insulation. Spare wooden sheets can also be useful for insulating a dog house, so you can use them as well.


If you do not want to go through the trouble of buying something for insulation, you do not have to worry about it. You can keep your mastiff safe from the cold by wrapping a carpet or a rug around the dog house.

Old towels can also be used as an alternative to carpets to insulate the dog house. So, you can use anything that you have at hand as additional layers can increase warmth inside the dog house.

Reflective Foil

A reflective foil is also a nice way of insulating a dog house as it reflects back the warmth that your dog’s body produces. Reflective foils come at affordable prices and are also safe to use.

There is no harmful radiation or any other damage-causing factor associated with it. You can even laminate and use aluminium foil sheets as they are reflective in nature too.

Plastic Sheet

If all other forms of insulation are unavailable, you can use simple plastic sheets to insulate a dog house too. Usual wrapping sheets that you use for packing equipment can be used for this purpose as well.

Heating Pads: XXL Heating Pad for Large Dog

Heating pads are an efficient way of keeping your dog warm in cold winters. They come in several sizes and shapes, but you have to be careful when choosing them.

Since Mastiffs are big dogs, they take up as much space as a man does. Thus, you need to buy a heating pad made for large dogs if you want to bring additional warmth to your mastiff.

Petnf Dog Heating Pad

petnf dog heating pad
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The Petnf heating pad for large dogs is one of the best options out there on the market. It comes loaded with a lot of desirable features that your dog will love. So, let’s have a look at some of its best features.

Large Size

It works well for large dogs like mastiffs as it has sizing dimensions of 35.5” x 23.6”. It comes in size variations of medium, large and extra-large, making it easier to choose the right size for your mastiff.

It can accommodate two small dogs easily too, so if you have mastiff puppies, this pad offers adequate space.

Adjustable Temperature

The next feature that caught our eye is its range of temperature adjustment. It has a temperature range of 86℉ to 131℉, which is wide enough to cover all the heating needs of your dog. It can be great for older and pregnant dogs as well who need more warmth.

Timer Settings

Another impressive feature of this Petnf heating pad is that it comes with a built-in timer. You can set up a timer for 2, 4, 8, 12, and 24 hours as per the needs of your dog. It helps you ensure a cosy place for your dog even when you have to be away for a while.

Safe Structure

The best thing about it is that it has an anti-bite exterior so that it does not damage even if your mastiff likes to bite things. It also has a fire retardant material in its construction that prevents it from catching fire.

Another safety feature is its PVC surface, with an IP68 waterproof rating. It does not let water seep into the pad to damage the electrical components.

Considering all this, it is a remarkable heating pad that keeps your dog warm even on cold winter nights. So, you should get this one to ensure a warm and comfortable heating experience for your pets.

Can Mastiff stay outdoors in the heat?

Mastiffs are quite sensitive to hot and humid climates as they have a small muzzle. Their muzzle is not long enough to allow them to breathe well when the air around them is laden with moisture.

Too much humidity or high temperature can be life-threatening for your dog, so you have to be very careful.

Mastiffs can tolerate a temperature up to 75 degrees Fahrenheit, but beyond that, it gets unbearable for them. You should be mindful of the humidity in the air, even at temperatures below 75 Fahrenheit.

So, if you want to take your dog outdoors for a walk or exercise, you have to be considerate of some factors.

It is better to keep a bottle of water with you while you are taking your dog outdoors. You can use it to cool down your dog when it feels hot or starts sweating.

It is also better to keep your mastiff hydrated with clean and cold water throughout the day. It helps it in dealing with excessive heat without facing any major discomfort.

Another way to deal with hot summers is to take your dog outdoors only in the early morning or evening.

At these two times, the temperature is quite comfortable for your dog, so it will stay more active. You should let your mastiff exercise according to its stamina and mood.

If you see it taking a break while playing or exercising, do not worry, as your dog is most likely just cooling off. So, you should not force it to continue playing while it wants a break.

As a dog parent, you have to be vigilant in hot weather and observe the reactions of your dog closely.

You need to look out for excessive panting and drooling as it might be a sign of too much heat. You should not force your dog to drink water while it is panting. Drinking water will slow down the natural process of cooling off via panting.

Keep your dog indoors when it is too hot outside. But, if you have to take it along, make sure to make it sit in a shaded and cool area to avoid any issues.

Do not leave your dog inside a car, even for a short period, as cars get hot pretty quickly. It is better to take your dog along instead of leaving it behind in a parked car.

Keeping cooling pads for your dog to lounge on and a nap is a great way to help it resist heat. So, you should invest in a quality cooling pad to ensure your dog’s good health.

Cooling Pad for Large Dogs

Cooling pads are one of the best ways to beat the heat. They not only absorb excess heat but also have a cooling effect. They work amazingly well for small and large dogs since they are designed to comfort pets.

Green Pet Shop Cooling pad

The Green Pet Shop Dog Cooling Mat

This cooling pad got our approval from the available options. It has a set of impressive features, some of which include:

Self-Cooling Pad

The best thing about it is that it is a self-cooling gel pad. Its pressure-activated gel particles absorb all the excessive heat from your dog’s body and leave your mastiff feeling cool and relaxed even on hot summer days.

No Refrigeration is needed. Another amazing detail is that it has an automatic cooling function. You do not have to refrigerate it to activate the cooling mechanism. Rather, just leave the pad for 15 to 20 minutes, and the gel particles will be ready for another round of cooling.

Diversity of Use

What strikes us the most is that it is a highly portable cooling pad. Although it is large enough to accommodate a fully grown mastiff, it is quite lightweight.

You can easily carry it outdoors as well when you want your dog to get some air in the evening. You can place it on a sofa or even inside a kennel to help your dog feel more comfortable.

It can easily support a dog weighing up to 80 pounds, so you have nothing to worry about.

Keeping all these features and its pricing in view, this is a remarkable cooling pad for your mastiff. Dog parents should invest in it to help their dogs beat the heat without any problems.

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To sum up, you should not let your mastiff sleep outdoors in winters or summers. These dogs are quite sensitive to humidity and hot weather, so they should not be left outside. Too much cold can be bothersome for them as well, so it is better to make them sleep indoors.

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