Is Your Cane Corso Shedding Or Losing Hair? A Vet’s Helpful 2024 Guide

Is your Cane Corso shedding or losing hair? This guide is written by a vet that has helpful tips to prevent your dog from shedding or losing hair.

The Cane Corso famous dog breed, commonly known as the Italian Mastiff, is a huge Italian dog breed traditionally prized as a companion, guard dog, and hunter in Italy.

The Cane Corso is a smart dog that is easy to teach. They need a lot of exercises since they are a huge and active breed. This breed requires substantial socialization and training to be a well-balanced member of society from a young age.

He doesn’t do well being crated all day and needs a fenced-in yard to get enough exercise. They are devoted to their owners and form strong bonds with their offspring and family. The Corso demands a significant amount of time and people familiar with dog hierarchy.

The Cane Corso popularity has spread worldwide, but many pet owners realize that caring for these lovely creatures is a little more complex than they imagined, particularly when grooming their fur.

Cane Corso Shedding And Losing Hair

Why do Cane Corso shed?

Parasites and infections

A skin having parasites or fungal infections can cause excessive hair loss. If your dog suffers from skin allergies, scratching to relieve the itching might lead to hair loss. Regularly inspecting your dog’s skin will most likely help you detect any signs of allergies early on.

An appointment at the veterinarian’s office for a complete check-up is your best choice if you suspect allergic problems. Your veterinarian will find out the specific cause of hair loss.

Unhygienic shampoo

One of the causes of your Cane Corso hair loss could be using inappropriate dog shampoo. Because the pH of a dog’s skin differs from that of a person, you should not use human shampoo for bathing your Cane Corso.

Their skin might get sensitive even if they use baby shampoo. As a result, I recommend that every Cane Corso owner use a hypoallergenic odour remover to avoid possible skin problems.

Allergic to foods

Another factor that might cause your Cane Corso to shed is a food allergy. When dogs consume high in by-products and artificial components, they are more likely to develop food allergies.

As a result, my suggestion is to switch to a raw food diet, which will boost your dog’s general health. You’ll be the only one who can tailor your pet’s diet in this manner. Ingredients high in Omega 3 and Omega 3 fatty acids, as well as antioxidants, may improve the look of your dog’s coat.

Allergens in the environment

Environmental allergies are ranked third because a household cleaning or other chemicals you use in your home cause excessive shedding of your Cane Corso.

Unbalanced hormones

If none of the above-stated factors affects your Cane Corso’s shedding, you must want to look into its hormones level.

Thyroid hormone imbalance may cause your dog’s hair to fall out and become fragile. You should anticipate increased shedding in Cane Corso females during nursing or pregnancy.

However, if your Cane Corso is losing hair in places, I recommend asking your veterinarian for supplements.

Cane Corso shedding symptoms

You won’t be able to stop your Cane Corso from shedding. On the other hand, excessive hair loss might be cause for alarm. As a result, every dog owner must distinguish between normal and extreme hair loss signs.

Hair loss in dogs that is unusual might indicate a variety of problems. The following is a list of warning signs that every dog should be aware of:

  • Hair that is parched and fragile
  • Stress
  • Parasites
  • Sunburn
  • Fungal infections
  • Itching
  • Bald patches
  • Brittle hair is all symptoms of itching.

Cane Corso loses too much hair – Pathologies

If you see a significant loss of hair, if your Cane Corso is often itchy, and you have confirmed that it is not a moult, it might indicate a medical issue.

Indeed, parasite illnesses (scabies, fleas, etc.) produce irritation and “pruritus” (an itchy Cane Corso), which may result in hair loss. Your Cane Corso may have an internal parasite, fungal, bacterial, or other diseases.

In this scenario, I strongly recommend taking your Cane Corso to the veterinarian immediately.

Does Cane Corsos shed a lot?

Moderate Shedding: This dog sheds regularly. Prepare to vacuum often. Brushing your dog’s coat helps minimize shedding and makes it softer and cleaner.

Non-shedding and hypoallergenic dog breeds seem to be more popular than ever before however Cane Corso is not a hypoallergenic dog. Because pet dog allergies are so frequent, many animal enthusiasts are looking for hypoallergenic dog breeds, which may cost hundreds of dollars.

Others are opting for hypoallergenic hair or the lack thereof. Although pet dog faeces is a major source of concern for many pet owners, hypoallergenic pet breed owners may cross this off their list.

The phrase “non-shedding dog” is a bit of a misnomer since all dogs shed somehow.

On the other side, certain breeds lose relatively little hair and maybe a better choice for allergy patients and individuals who like it cold.

If you’re looking for a hypoallergenic kind, here’s a list to glance through before you go out and start loading up on items.

While no dog is hypoallergenic since all dogs shed some allergens, several breeds are thought to be significantly healthier for allergy sufferers.

These same dogs who don’t lose could convince you to put the dust roller away forever.

When does Cane Corso shed the most?

As mentioned earlier, the Cane Corso will shed regularly however they tend to shed more heavily at certain times of the year.

They usually shed heavily just twice a year which is at the start of the warmer and colder seasons. Dogs lose their undercoats throughout the summer since they don’t require such a thick layer of warmth.

They lose their thin summer hair in the winter to create their thick undercoat once again. There are a few more variables that might impact the time it takes a Cane Corso to shed, such as:

Life stage: A young Cane Corso will shed less than an adult dog. They shed less as pups, but they will eventually shed their puppy hair, similar to how humans lose their baby teeth.

It’s also common knowledge that Cane Corsos shed more than adult dogs.

Does Cane Corso have an undercoat?

Cane Corsos have a double coat despite their short hair. Double-coated dogs shed more than single-coated dogs. A double coat is a kind of fur that an animal has that comprises two layers.

  • The lower layer, also identified as the undercoat, comprises short wool-like hairs.
  • The other, known as the upper layer, comprises longer guard hairs.

Their undercoat tends to grow much faster than the top layer of fur. Because of the rapid growth, Cane Corso will shed more hair than single-coated dogs.

The thickness of the undercoat will vary based on the environment in which the dog lives. The undercoat may be distinguished from the topcoat by the hair’s shininess, which is significantly darker.

How often should I brush my Cane Corso?

Dogs shed excessively because of old hair caught in their fur. Brushing them every day removes stray skin that might irritate other hair follicles. It also prevents fur from dropping out and strewing your home.

Brush their skin gently. The bristles may irritate delicate skin, causing more shedding. Look for a de-shedding brush or an anti-shedding glove to massage on their skin.

Some dog owners shave their pets. However, this might cause harm to their fur, leading it to grow back in odd spots or coarser than usual.

Steps to minimize shedding

Here are some actions a Cane Corso owner may perform to lessen the problem.

  • Bathing your furry friend once a week eliminates dander from the fur, which means less dander is released into the environment.
  • Some of the loose hair may be removed by brushing your dog. Of course, you have to think about where that hair will end up.
  • A proper air purifier or filter may assist.
  • The hair that is shed will stick to the carpet. It’s considerably simpler to keep hard flooring clean.
  • If you have carpets, clean them thoroughly and wash them regularly.
  • Smaller dogs shed less. So a large dog breed will be more challenging.

Of course, the Cane Corso is a large dog – a giant breed. As a result, there will be more hair to shed. It is unquestionably more of a problem with a big dog.

Skin Care

Dry skin may cause excessive shedding. Keep your dog’s skin moisturized to assist. Massage specific dog skin treatments, coconut oil, or shea butter onto their skin. You might also give them fish oil, Omega-3, and antioxidants that heal dry skin.

Less stress

Stress may cause shedding. Loud sounds, memory loss, separation, and gatherings of people or animals may create stress. Prevent your dog from getting anxious or overwhelmed by certain circumstances. This may keep them calm and reduce abnormal shedding.

Not enough water

Dehydration causes itchy, dry skin that sheds excessively. To help avoid it, make sure your dog gets adequate water throughout the day.

Products for treatment or to minimize shedding


  • Undercoat Deshedding Tool for Dogs
  • Deshedding Brush for Dogs
  • Removes Loose Hair and Combats Dog Shedding


Designed specifically for canine friends weighing more than 50 pounds and sporting lengthy hair.

Tackles stray undercoat hair without cutting the skin or harming the topcoat with its patented tweezers (when used as directed).

Push the FURejector button, and the hair will be easily ejected.

Grooming is a breeze with the ergonomic grip.

Guaranteed: If the product does not operate as advertised, your money will be refunded.

Ships in their own, simple-to-open, environmentally friendly packaging.


  • Removes shedding hairs that have fallen out.
  • Comfortable and efficient undercoat hair removal with a curved edge.
  • Removes stray hairs from under the topcoat by penetrating through it.
  • Designed for comfort and simplicity of use with an ergonomic handle
  • Shaped edge — mimics the natural contours of the dog or cat
  • There is a release button to swiftly and conveniently release hair caught in the teeth.

What’s the best place for me to groom my furry friend?

Large volumes of loose hair and undercoat will be removed by the undercoat deShedding tool, making cleaning easier on surfaces like tile floors, whether inside or out. Choosing a setting where your pet is comfortable and secure is the most crucial consideration.

Pets First Professional Pet Mat Remover

  • Dematting Tool for Grooming Cats & Dogs
  • Removes Matted Fur
  • Tangles
  • Knots
  • Loose Hair & Dirt – Stainless Steel
  • Gentle Teeth
  • Soft Comfort Grip Handle


A high-quality stainless steel pet detangler that gets rid of mats and knots and loose hair as well as dirt and dander with ease. It’ll be like they’re freshly new to them!

Our comb’s rounded teeth are tough on tangles but gentle on the skin. Hair that has been matted is easily removed using special trappers.

In addition to eliminating mat, this comb provides a relaxing massage for your pet. Due to increased blood flow, your pet’s coat will be softer and more lustrous. In addition, he will be pampered!

THE HANDLE IS SOFT FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE – This de-matting tool has a 4. 5-inch soft comfort grip handle. Hands and wrists won’t get sore, brushing the hair off your cat no matter how long it takes!

  1. Hair Trappers-Small Precise Holes Trap the Matted Fur
  2. Safe Rounded Teeth-Won’t Pull Hair or Scratch Your Pet’s Skin

Whether your dog or cat has long, short, thick, wiry, or curly hair, our tangle Remover is here to assist you! Our comb can manage any hair knot!

Healthy Breeds Smelly Dog Deodorizing Shampoo & Conditioner with Baking Soda 


Healthy Breeds Smelly Dog Shampoo uses baking soda to clean and dry the dog’s skin and coat. A great all-purpose shampoo for cleaning and deodorizing the hair and scalp. This product is best suited for dogs with normal or dry skin and coats.

It is hypoallergenic, non-irritating, and non-drying, and it leaves the coat soft and shiny. It’s been experimented with to make it more skin-friendly. Use it straight or dilute it up to a 12-to-1 ratio before applying it to the skin.


Use this shampoo for anything from cleaning and deodorizing to moisturizing your hair and skin! It’s formulated with sodium bicarbonate and coat conditioners!

Hypoallergenic, non-irritating shampoo for dogs with dry or normal skin and fur, Smelly Dog Shampoo contains baking soda, soft oat, wheat proteins, and aloe juice.

As long as you know you’ll be able to clean up after your dog, you may let them run about the yard without fear of becoming tangled up in knots.

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A Cane Corso’s normal cycle of shedding occurs throughout the year. The fact that they are excellent survivalists is one of the reasons why many breeders consider them the ideal security dog.

We can minimize shedding but not eliminate it. Grooming, brushing, and bathing regularly might be beneficial. Good nutrition can also be helpful. Your dog’s health may be enhanced in several ways with a better diet.

Supplements such as flax oil and fish oil, which contain Omega 3s, may aid. The most popular and extensively used dog supplement is salmon oil.