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How to Transport a Large Dog Like a Mastiff in a Car?

If you are planning to hit the road with your dog, then a few important things must be kept in mind. You are probably thinking about these matters already, and that has brought you here. Although traveling with your pets can be a tricky situation to handle, it is nothing too difficult to do if…
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Can Mastiffs Sleep Outdoors in Winter or Hot Summer?

Mastiffs like to sleep in the outdoors irrespective of the weather. And this can be a cause of worry for dog parents who do not want them to get sick. Strictly speaking, mastiffs should not be sleeping outdoors as their body is not made for it. They can play in the outdoors and even have…
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How Long Can a Mastiff be Left Alone?

Keeping a mastiff is a great responsibility, which becomes extra challenging to handle for office-goers. Find out all the important aspects here that you need to know before leaving a mastiff at home all alone. The amount of time a dog can spend alone varies from breed to breed and depends on the pet’s age…
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