5 Best Harness For English Mastiffs | 2024 Guide

Looking for the best harness for English Mastiffs? This is the article for you!

Having a dog that is over 150 pounds like an English Mastiff means cute and dainty leashes are not an option.

You will need a durable and heavy-duty leash that can keep your partner under control during walks and the occasional recreational trips.

Besides that, you also have to make sure you avoid causing neck injuries whenever your furry friend attempts to take off on a spur of the moment.

Finding the best harness for English Mastiffs requires a few considerations and we’ve got just the tips you’ll need to find a suitable one, as well as a few recommendations.

Best Harness for Mastiffs

Harness Comparison Summary

Here’s a summary of comparable points between the abovementioned products. Use this as a guide for when you’re comparing other products too.

Size Adjustment FeaturesClip LocationEntry PointMaterialReflective Features
VoyagerNoneBack (double D-ring)Step-inAir Mesh for the harness and neoprene handlesYes
Rabbitgoo4 adjustable straps around the bodyFront and BackSlip-onOxford vestYes
Eagloo2 adjustment point at the neck and 2 on the chestFrontSlip-onOxford soft vestYes
PhoepetAdjustable bands on the neck and chest areaFront and Back3 snap buckles to lock inBreathable Air Mesh with Padded Cushion and Oxford SurfaceYes
Tuff Mutt4 adjustable straps on the neck and bellyBackSlip-onMesh lining with Padded Cushion on chest and bellyYes

Our recommendations for the best harness for English Mastiffs

Harnesses come in all shapes and sizes and owning an English Mastiff means you need to prioritize strength above all else. Nonetheless, we’ve got some noteworthy ones you might like.

1. Voyager Step-in Air All-Weather Mesh Harness and Reflective Leash Combo

This all-weather mesh harness is perfect for daily use. It comes with a matching reflective leash – a perfect feature to improve visibility during night walks.

The set comes in many colors and is modern in style to match all occasions.

You get cushioned neoprene handles for comfortable handling. It is five feet in length to give enough space for your dog to wander.

A strong hook and loop fastener are also attached for strength. It also makes snapping the handle onto the D-rings quick and easy.

The design also includes a buckle and double D-ring for added security. The buckle is meant for easy attachment. The double ring is to evenly support the weight of your dog when it needs to provide resistance.

2. Rabbitgoo Dog Harness

This no-pull pet harness is a good choice for your English Mastiff because of its durability and strength.

It comes with bright reflective strips for night visibility located at the front neck area and at the back. It also has a sturdy top handle for instant control.

There are two side buckles to keep your Mastiff in control no matter what. They hug your pet’s body snuggly and ensure the harness stays closed even when your dog makes a fuss.

There are also 2 no-pull front rings that are designed to redirect your pet’s forward motion – ultimately deterring any sudden strong movements.

One feature to look into the best harness for English Mastiffs is all-weather suitability. The air mesh design of this harness from Rabbitgoo will keep your pet cool and cozy while the oxford material keeps it strong and in control.

The combination is also meant to avoid any rubbing or abrasions on your pet whenever there are uncontrollable movements and the material keeps coming into contact with your dog’s skin.

3. Eagloo Dog Harness

The harness design of this product is made to distribute the pressure evenly and safely around your Mastiff’s body. This helps avoid injuries during tug of wars with your buddy.

It has 2 metal clips and a sturdy handle to give you good control. Unlike some of our recommendations, the metal clip provides a good durable connection between the leash and harness.

This also has a front clip design to lessen the pull whenever your dog lunges or sprints. Because the clip is in the front, your handle will connect to either side of your dog.

This means that whenever he tries to run, he will instead turn to the side of the handle instead of actually going forward. It is a proven method to stop the momentum of your pet.

The harness is fully adjustable at the neck and chest areas so you can ensure a snug fit. There are 4 adjusters for accurate sizing. It is also a slip-on type, so it’s effortless to put on your furry friend anytime.

4. Phoepet No Pull Harness with Training handle

This cute dog harness comes with reflective stitching for good night visibility. It comes in a variety of colors matching all types of moods.

It has a snap buckle closure at the neck and two on each side of the torso. This means you don’t need to slide over the head or have your dog step in.

This a good feature especially with a large dog breed.

It comes with front and back metal D-rings for durability. Metal rings are more durable than plastic. And the added versatility of a front and back location means you can take advantage of both.

The front ring is great for full control of your pet. It is great for long hikes or runs that make your pet prone to running after other animals or objects.

The back ring is recommended for casual walks to the park or short trips around the area.

Lastly, putting this harness on your dog is completely effortless for your pet. All it needs to do is stand and you can slowly snap the 3 attachment buckles one by one.

All are very sturdy and snap on easily without compromising strength.

5. Tuff Mutt – Easy On/Easy Off Dog Harness

One good point of this harness is its 4 adjustment straps that allow for accurate fitting on dogs of different sizes and builds.

There are two on the neck and two on the belly. This allows the material to hug your Mastiff while leaving enough space for comfort.

The design of the harness is made for all-around weather except for very cold winders. Nonetheless, it comes in a shape that allows uninhibited movement.

There is also extra padding on the chest and belly to give your furry friend the best comfort. Reflective stitching is also integrated for night visibility, as is with the other recommendations on this list.

Putting this harness on your Mastiff is just a slip over the head and the adjustments on the sides will help ensure that it gets a snug fit. It comes in plain green or black color with a modern utility design.

It does not come with a leash as a set, so you will have to purchase that separately.

However, Tuff Mutt offers them in matching colors to this harness for uniformity and aesthetics.

Tips to select the best harness for a Mastiff

There are a lot of things you should consider before buying a harness for your large dog.

Durability – English mastiffs are large dogs, you need to consider the durability of the harness for Mastiffs. Big dogs will break a harness in no time and you don’t want to be buying a new harness every couple of months.

Size – your top priority here is to find a harness that perfectly fits your Mastiff. This means you will have to get accurate measurements of his neck and chest. Measuring the weight is also good since some leashes have weight capacity limits. Take note of the following:

  • When measuring the neck, choose the thickest part. It is where your dog’s collar naturally sits. Thus, if you want a very accurate measurement, you must take the collar off first and then measure the circumference.
  • When measuring the chest, make sure to start at the area behind the front legs and wrap all the way around the dog’s shoulder blades.

Clip Location – you will encounter two standard options: front and back. Front clips are highly recommended because they are great at controlling large dogs.

The clip is located right around the chest area, slightly limiting the force your furry friend can exert whenever he tries to lunge or sprint.

Back clips are traditional and are fairly stronger. However, because the resistance it gives is at the back, it does not offer the same limiting effect as the front clip type.

Shapes – there are fairly different types of harness shapes for dogs. What you need to ensure is that no part of the harness should sit directly over your dog’s chest.

This can cause unexpected injuries since it will push on the chest whenever your Mastiff tries to go off. What we can recommend is either the H-shaped or Y-shaped harness.

The best harness for English Mastiffs needs to have the strength to control its large size without doing any damage. Y-shaped harnesses are best for large, strong dogs.

Entry Point – this refers to how you put on the harness. This is a consideration for you, as the owner. It can be hard to put on a leash, especially for a large dog like a Mastiff.

We suggest preparing some treats just to make the job a lot easier. The most common type of entry is the step-in design.

It requires your pet to step into the holes meant to go around its front legs. After which you can strap the leash on its back.

The other type is the slip-on. They are worn by simply slipping the hole into your dog’s neck and then attaching straps on the back.

Putting a Harness on Your Mastiff for the First Time

Just like the first collar, it can be tricky to put on a harness for your dog especially if he/she is not accustomed to wearing one.

Mastiffs are known to be sweet and protective but their size makes them a little bit hard to handle even for just slight sudden movements. Here are a few tricks you can use to make the first time a lot easier.

  1. Always have treats to calm your pet.
  2. Show the harness several times to your dog several days before you actually put it on. Just let it familiarize itself with the smell.
  3. On the day you are about to put on the harness, set a positive and patient mindset. Expect that it will be challenging and be ready to adapt.
  4. Master how the harness will go on your Mastiff. Do you need to put it over their head? Or do they need to step into it? Make sure you have all the steps down. The longer it takes for you to put the harness on, the more uneasy your dog will be.
  5. Lay the harness on the floor. If your dog refuses to come closer, try putting a treat beside it. Make sure that they are not afraid of the harness.
  6. Once you successfully put it on, your dog might want to get out of it immediately. Let it happen. Do this trend for about 3 times just so they get used to the feel.
  7. Once they are able to keep it on for a while, take them somewhere they like on your first outdoor activity. This will give your furry friend the idea that wearing the harness means going out to fun places.

Hope we gave you a good idea of what to look for in search of the best harness for English Mastiffs.

Remember that no two dogs are alike and it is very important that you personalize your furry friend’s harness to its actual size.

A mastiff puppy will need a soft harness but a full-grown Mastiff will need a large harness that is strong enough to handle the English Mastiffs force.

Nylon or a leather dog harness is really a personal preference.

One of the important things you should look at when deciding on a harness is that you should be able to adjust the harness quickly and easily. The better you choose, the more comfortable and happy your pet will be.

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