Where and Why Are Tibetan Mastiffs Banned?

Where and Why Are Tibetan Mastiffs Banned?

Want to find out where and why are the Tibetan Mastiffs banned? Then you should read this article for all the information you want.

Tibetan Mastiffs are a type of dog that can grow as large as 150lbs. They have been used as guard dogs for many years and are now the most expensive dog in the world.

In addition to being a great guard dog, they are also wonderful companions. However, there are some places where it is illegal to own them. Here, are some countries where a Tibetan Mastiff has been banned due to their size and temperaments.

Why are Tibetan Mastiffs banned in some places?

Despite being a loyal companion, there are still places where Tibetan Mastiffs are illegal. One of the most common reasons for the bans is their size. These dogs can weigh up to 150lbs and can be difficult to control.

Additionally, some countries have banned the breed because they are not traditionally used. Various countries have specific breeds that are commonly owned, so if a dog is not native to the country, it is often illegal to keep that breed.

There are also restrictions on keeping certain breeds of dogs due to their temperament. For example, some countries do not allow livestock-guarding dogs, which are typically used as guard dogs for livestock.

Do you think Tibetan Mastiffs are dangerous dogs? Like any other dog, if you do not socialize the dog and provide enough exercise both physical and mental the dog can be dangerous.

One should be more careful before bringing Tibetan Mastiffs home due to their size and how powerful they are. If you cannot control a large and powerful dog, Tibetan mastiffs can be dangerous to you and others in society.

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The countries that banned the Tibetan Mastiffs

Some have banned them for being aggressive, while others have banned them due to fears that they will escape their property and harm other animals or people.

If you are considering getting a Tibetan Mastiff but live in one of these countries, you might want to reconsider, or at least check with your local law enforcement agency before making the decision.







Bermuda Islands


If you want to own one of these dogs, there are breeders in almost all countries. Just make sure you do your research beforehand.

Are Tibetan Mastiffs banned or legal in Australia?

It is illegal to own a Tibetan Mastiff in Australia. The reason for this is because of the large size of the dog and the difficulty and cost of caring for them. If you live in Australia and want to own a Tibetan Mastiff, you will need to move somewhere else first.

Are Tibetan Mastiffs banned or legal in the United States of America?

Most of the places in the US have allowed Tibetan Mastiffs except for Wapato and Abbotsford.

Washington state ( Wapato ) and Abbotsford, Wisconsin has banned all mastiff types that include Tibetan mastiff, Bullmastiff, French Mastiff, English mastiff, Spanish mastiff, Brazillian mastiff, and Pyrenean mastiff.

Overall, it is important to check the laws in your area before getting a Tibetan Mastiff.

Are Tibetan Mastiffs banned or legal in the UK?

Although they are banned in some countries, Tibetan Mastiffs are not banned in the United Kingdom. They are considered dangerous animals and need special permits to live in the UK. You can, however, import one if you follow the correct procedure.

Are Tibetan Mastiffs banned or legal in Canada?

Canada is a very welcoming country, but be aware that Tibetan Mastiffs are not banned in Canada.

Is Tibetan Mastiff banned in India?

Tibetan Mastiff is not banned in India, but the breed is not recognized by the FCI (Federation of Canners and Growers of India).

This means that it cannot be registered with the government, and cannot be used as a reference to identify a dog. It is illegal to sell or purchase a Tibetan Mastiff in India without prior permission from the government.

The Tibetan mastiff is not considered an endangered species or a national treasure in India, hence, there is no need for any special laws to protect this particular breed. But since the FCI does not recognize this breed, no one can use it as a reference when registering a dog.

In other words, if you have a Tibetan Mastiff, you will have to register your dog with the Indian Kennel Club (IKC). The IKC is responsible for registering purebred dogs that are recognized by the FCI.

Can you have a Tibetan Mastiff as a pet?

Yes, they are a good family dog for the right owners. They can be extremely protective hence you need to start training them as early as possible.

There have been some incidents that the Tibetan Mastiffs have attacked humans however these are rare incidents.

Training and socialization are a must for this large dog breed and you need to provide mental and physical training every day otherwise you may find yourself a large fierce dog that will be out of control which could turn out to be a bad situation for yourself or someone else.

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The Tibetan Mastiff is banned in many countries due to their size and temperament. The most common reason they’re banned is because of their size and strength. They can reach up to 150lbs in weight and they’re known to be less friendly.

The Tibetan Mastiff is not allowed in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, or Australia. If you want to keep one of these amazing dogs, you should look for a country where it is legal to own them.