Farmina Vs Orijen Vs Wellness Dog Food | 2024 Comparison

Farmina, Orijen, and Wellness are well-respected dog food brands in the US.

Each brand has their own set of fan bases and offers a wide array of nutrition profiles, flavors, textures, and price points.

Farmina Vs Orijen Vs Wellness

All 3 of these brands use high-quality ingredients, with only a few minor differences in the types of proteins and carbohydrates used.

If you are wondering how each of them compare, this post is for you. I am going to break down the differences between Farmina vs Orijen vs Wellness and help you decide which one is the best fit for your pup.

About Farmina

Farmina is an Italian-based pet food company founded in 1965. Originally founded as a company specializing in animal nutrition, Farmina has introduced pet food lines since 1999.

They specialize in making pet food with GMO-free, only-natural ingredients that are gentle on your pet’s stomach. Farmina makes food for cats, dogs, and small animals.

No artificial preservativesHigh price point
GMO-free ingredientsNot widely available in stores
A wide range of recipes for both cats and dogsDifficult to find specific recipes due to their numerous lines
High-quality proteins and carbohydrates
No by-product meals
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About Orijen

Orijen is a premium pet food brand manufactured by Champion Petfoods in Alberta, Canada. Founded in 1985, Orijen is known for its fresh, natural ingredients that are sustainably sourced and grain-free.

About Orijen
100% grain-free recipesLimited availability in stores
High in animal proteins and fatsA bit pricey
No artificial preservatives or colorsLimited range of recipes for both cats and dogs.
GMO-freeSome customers have reported their pets having GI upset with Orijen food.
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About Wellness

Wellness is a Massa­chusetts-based pet food company that produces high-quality recipes with natural ingredients. Founded in 1926 under the company Old Mother Hubbard, Wellness has been a pioneer in the pet food industry for almost 100 years.


High-quality ingredientsLimited availability in stores
High in fat and proteinHigh price point compared to other brands
Grain-free and gluten-free optionsSome recalls
No artificial preservatives or colors
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Farmina vs Orijen vs Wellness

The main difference between Farmina, Orijen, and Wellness dog food is that Farmina has had no recalls so far is best for dogs with digestive sensitivities.

On the other hand, Orijen has the best taste, ingredients and highest protein content. While Wellness is the cheapest and offers the largest selection.

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Ingedients-wise, Orijen wins the game because they don’t have any controversial ingredients or harmful additives. They use fresh and nutritious ingredients such as chicken, eggs, fruits, and vegetables that are locally sourced.

Farmina also has good quality ingredients, but they are not as fresh and might contain some additives and have grains in all their recipes.

Wellness is somewhere in the middle — it contains controversial ingredients such as garlic and pea protein and artificial flavors.

Farmina and Wellness also use Menadione Sodium Bisulfite Complex (a synthetic form of vitamin K3), which is not approved by AAFCO.

Farmina also sources its ingredients locally, but Wellness sources ingredients from around the world.


If we look at the recall history of these brands, Orijen has had 1 recall while Wellness has had several recalls. Only Farmia hasn’t had a recall so far.

Farmina – No recalls

Orijen – 1 recall

  •  2008: irradiation treatment consequences

Wellness – 5 recalls

  • 2017: elevated beef thyroid hormone
  • 2017: foreign material
  • 2012: High Moisture
  • 2012: Salmonella
  • 2011: Low Levels of Thiamine (Vitamin B1)


Among these three dog food brands, Wellness is the cheapest, followed by Farmina and Orijen. Orijen has an incredibly high price point, but in European countries, you might find Orijen at a lower price than in the US.

Wellness and Farmina are generally priced in the same range. However, prices may vary depending on your location and the size of the product.

Farmina price per pound Orijen price per pound Wellness price per pound 
Dry Dog Food$4.53$12.58$3.61
Wet/Canned Dog Food$9.97$5.86$6.74

Nutritional Value

Overall, Orijen has an above-average protein, fat, and fiber content than the other two. This is especially beneficial for dogs that are malnourished or that just need a high level of energy.

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Wellness also scores higher than Farmina in terms of protein, fat, and fiber content. Orijen has animal by-products, but the ingredients are all free-run or wild-caught.

Wellness has no by-products or fillers, and Farmina only uses quality ingredients.

Dry Dog FoodWet Dog Food
FarminaOrijenWellness FarminaOrijenWellness 
Crude Protein33.2%42.9%34.6%51.2%57.4%41.8%
Crude Fat18.1%22.6%15.8%23.3%24.7%24.1%
Crude Fiber3.3%5.5%5.6%4.2%7.8%4.9%


Orijen comes out on top. They offer a variety of flavors, such as chicken, turkey, wild boar, beef, grass-fed lamb, and fish & seafood. And dogs seem to love them too!

Wellness offers mainly meat-based flavors such as chicken, turkey, lamb, and salmon. Farmina also offers some fish-based flavors, such as cod and tuna.


Wellness has a wide range of recipes available to select from, followed by Farmina and then Orijen. Wellness provides a variety of flavors and recipes, including grain-free and weight-control formulas.

Farmina has limited varieties in comparison to Wellness, but they still offer a good selection. Orijen only provides three wet food recipes and 14 dry food recipes.

Dry Dog Food58 Recipes14 Recipes59 Recipes
Wet Dog Food26 Recipes3 Recipes53 Recipes
Dog TreatsNone13 Treats25 Treats

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Best Suited For

Orijen is best suited for malnourished and picky eaters as it has a high protein content with no fillers. Wellness is best for picky eaters because of its wide range of flavors and recipes. 

Farmina is best for dogs with digestive sensitivities as it is highly digestible and has low carbohydrate levels.


If you consider the budget, Wellness is the most cost-effective option. However, if your pup has a particular health need or dietary requirements, Orijen or Farmina may be the better choice.

Ultimately, you need to decide which food is best for your pup based on their individual needs. No matter which one you choose, make sure to read the label carefully and introduce the food to your pup gradually to prevent digestive upset.