Canidae Vs Wellness Dog Food | 2024 Comparison

Canidae Vs Wellness Dog Food

Canidae and Wellness are both popular dog food brands that make high-quality products packed with nutrition your dog needs. But which one is the best?

In this post, I’ll compare Canidae vs Wellness side by side against a number of factors including nutrients, ingredients, recalls and costs.

About Canidae

Canidae is a family-owned pet food company that manufactures premium food for all life stages of dogs. Based in Kansas, USA, Canidae is well known as an all-rounder dog food brand that has a decent amount of protein, fat, and carbohydrate.

About Canidae

They are specialized in using sustainable ingredients such as humanely raised animals, farmed vegetables, and other natural nutrients and have a dedicated fan base due to this reason alone.

InexpensiveNot as widely available as other brands
Variety of products tailored to all life stagesLower selection compared with other brands
High-quality ingredients
Sustainable sourcing of ingredients
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About Wellness

Wellness is a well-respected pet food company with about 100 years’ worth of experience. However, the Wellness brand was established only in 1997 with quite a number of pet food products made according to the highest standards of nutrition.

About Wellness

Clearlake Capital Group now owns the company, and they manufacture a range of high-quality pet food products that contain high-quality ingredients.

High-quality ingredientsExpensive compared to other brands
No fillers or artificial preservativesNo organic or natural options.
Variety of products tailored to all life stages
Many flavors and texture options
Caters to a variety of dietary needs (grain-free, limited ingredient, etc.)
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Canidae Vs Wellness

The main difference between Canidae and Wellness is that Canidae is cheaper, has had fewer recalls and tastes better, while Wellness has better nutrients, ingredients and has a wiser selection of dog food.

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Let’s take a look at the differences in detail:


Canide has only had 1 recall so far in 2012 while Wellness has had several recalls. Here’s a quick breakdown:

Canidae – 1 recalls

  • 2012: Salmonella

Wellness – 5 recalls

  • 2017: elevated beef thyroid hormone
  • 2017: foreign material
  • 2012: High Moisture
  • 2012: Salmonella
  • 2011: Low Levels of Thiamine (Vitamin B1)


Price-wise, Canidae will be your best bet because they offer a range of formulas at various price points. On the other hand, Wellness is more expensive than Canidae as their products tend to cost more.

The price would not be a big issue for a pet parent who only has one dog. But this could be a big factor if you have a few dogs. So, if you go after the price tag, Canidae would be your choice.

Canidae pricesWellness prices
Dry Dog Food$2.94 (lb)$3.61 (lb)
Wet/Canned Dog Food$5.69 (oz)$6.74 (oz)


When it comes to ingredients, Wellness offers a wider variety of choices than Canidae. Wellness is good if your dog has no allergies or sensitivities to any specific ingredients.

Canidae is more likely to have more natural, organic ingredients, which can be good for those wanting to feed their pup something more natural and non-allergic.

However, both companies use controversial ingredients such as Canola Oil, Pea Protein, Caramel Color, Garlic Powder, and others, which can be of concern to some pet owners.

Plus, both companies use harmful ingredients such as Menadione Sodium Bisulfite Complex, which can be toxic to dogs.


Considering the ingredients in both brands, Canidae seems to be tastier because their pet food has more meat and natural flavors.


Wellness has more grain-based meals and fillers, which can be less tasty for dogs.

Nutritional Value

Nutrition-wise, Wellness is the winner because the percentages of Crude Protein, Crude Fat, and Crude Fiber are higher than Canidae’s pet food. This is true for both dry dog food and wet dog food, so Wellness has the edge in terms of nutritional value.

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For a better comparison, here is a chart with the nutritional values of both brands.

Dry FoodDry FoodWet FoodWet Food
Canidae Wellness Canidae Wellness 
Crude Protein29.2%34.6%39.6%41.8%
Crude Fat15.2%15.8%23.7%24.1%
Crude Fiber5.3%5.6%7.1%4.9%


If your furry friend gets bored with the taste of the same kibble every day, then Wellness is a better choice because they have more variety in terms of flavors and ingredients.

Wellness has a total of 59 dry dog food recipes, while Canidae has only 42 recipes. Furthermore, Wellness is packed up with 53 wet food recipes, and Canidae has only 15 recipes.

So, if you are looking for more flavors to choose from, then Wellness is the way to go.

Dry Dog Food42 Recipes59 Recipes
Wet Dog Food15 Recipes53 Recipes
Dog Treats12 Treats25 Treats

Best Suited For

In our opinion, Canidae is best suited for dogs with allergies or sensitivities because of its limited ingredient list. It is also ideal for picky eaters as the food tastes bland and contains fewer flavors. 

On the other hand, Wellness is a great choice for owners who want to give their dogs more options. It also has recipes rich in nutrients and flavor, making them perfect for dogs with a hearty appetite.

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So if you’re looking for a food that can please even the pickiest of eaters, then Wellness might be the way to go.

And if your pet has been sick lately and lost some weight, you should pick Wellness. The brand offers products with higher protein content, which can help your pet gain weight and get back to its healthy state faster.


Both Canidae and Wellness are respectable brands, but in the end, it depends on your pet’s needs. Although you pick one brand over the other, your pet might choose otherwise.

In addition, both companies offer dog food to cater to different dietary needs, though we find Wellness to be the better of the two.