Best Dog Crate For Mastiffs | Vet’s Recommendation In 2024

Mastiffs are incredibly loyal and caring creatures widely recognized for their protective behavior. Generally, Mastiffs have extremely calm temperaments and are often ideal guardian dogs because of their commitment to their owners.

Not only do these dogs have incredibly loving attitudes, but they bring peace of mind to their guardians, who know their pup is always ready to defend them against any dangers.

Anyone who has ever had a mastiff knows that you will need a crate for your dog to sleep in, among other things. Unfortunately, obtaining a crate large enough to suit the mastiff’s size might be difficult.

Several crates end up producing sizes that fall just short of the mastiff’s usual dimensions. Choosing a crate that is both large enough and comfortable might be even more difficult.

best dog crate for mastiffs

Buyer’s guidance for Mastiffs crates

Dog dimensions

It may be cheaper to buy a playpen or fence if you have a massive dog, but if you want a crate for teaching, I’ve selected the most acceptable options.

It’s necessary to know your dog’s dimensions, including width, length, and height—as well as weight—before looking for a large dog cage. The word “big” may refer to anything from a Labrador Retriever to a Saint Bernard and Cane Corso, so double-checking size before you buy is essential.

Weight and age of your canine friend

Because male Mastiffs usually weigh between 165 and 225 pounds and female Mastiffs weigh between 125 and 175 pounds, there is a noticeable lack of dog crates that are big and powerful enough to house this dog breed properly.

While Mastiffs are not known to be particularly aggressive, their big stature may make it extremely simple for them to damage soft crates, posing a significant safety concern to the dog.

When buying the crates, the breed’s age is not important for the dog.

It is vital for dog owners seeking the best crate for Mastiff to recognize that not all crates are created equal, and you should not cut shortcuts when it comes to pet security.

If a big dog is confined in a light wire or plastic crate, the pet’s safety will be endangered since these crates lack the structure and toughness required.

A high-quality dog cage is essential for more giant dog breeds such as Mastiffs. When your dog cannot be monitored, the most efficient way to guarantee their safety is to keep them in a dog crate.

Dogs may quickly get into home dangers such as cleaning supplies and garbage if left alone and without a crate. Furthermore, a safe dog crate ensures that your house is not destroyed for Mastiffs with more destructive inclinations.

Best Crate Size for Mastiffs

While size varies from dog to dog, all full-grown mastiffs need a cage around 54 inches in length. Some female mastiffs may only require cages of forty-eight inches, but you must measure your dog to be sure.

If you haven’t done, you should take measurements of your mastiff’s height and breadth (and then add three inches to whatever you get). While your measures may not add up to 54 inches, you’ll want the nearest size you can find (that is still larger than your dog).

The most challenging element is locating a brand that comes in a 54-inch (or extra-large) size. Some goods only come in medium or large sizes, so be sure the crate will suit your mastiff before purchasing it.

In this article, I’ve compiled a list of the top dog crate models and brands from several dog crate type categories, as well as some 48 inches and 54-inch crates.

The ideal dog crate for an adult or puppy English Mastiff is an extra-large or Giant crate in the 48-inch range (or bigger).

Location of crate

Another thing to think about is where you intend to place the cage. Wooden crates typically do not perform well outside, but wire cages may be the best option in hot and humid climates. If you plan to travel with your mastiff, a plastic crate can help keep him safe (and not overexposed).

Ideal locations include a corner of the family room or the kitchen. Ensure the crate isn’t in a drafty place, adjacent to a heat source like a radiator or fireplace, or full sunlight wherever you decide to put it. It must be comfortable, with minimal possibility of overheating or freezing.

Easy to transport

It should be simple to assemble, fold, store, and transport the crate. Wheels and a carrying handle should be included.

What To Look For In A Good Mastiff Crate

Before purchasing anything, it is critical to understand what to look for and the pros and cons. You should end up wasting your money on a product that isn’t right for your mastiff if you don’t know what features make up a suitable crate.

When buying a crate, one of the first things to consider is your mastiff’s personality. If your dog is easily frightened in small spaces, a plastic kennel may be a bad idea (and a wire cage may be a better option). On the other hand, other mastiffs may find security in enclosed spaces so a plastic crate would be ideal.

Another consideration is how easy the crate is to clean. If you’ve never owned a dog crate before, you may be surprised at how frequently these boxes need to be cleaned. A cage can begin to smell if it is not cleaned regularly. It’s critical to look for crates that go out of their way to make the cleaning process more manageable.

Sizes and Style of crates

Mastiff Dog Crates Come in a variety of styles

  1. Plastic crates
  2. Wire dog crate
  3. Wooden dog crates

These are the three main varieties of Cane Corso crates.

Plastic crates

This breed is relatively adaptable when selecting a type of crate for your mastiff. While many owners who want to travel use plastic cages, chances are you won’t be transporting their fully-grown mastiff aboard trains or aircraft.

However, plastic cages have another advantage: if you need to leave the crate outdoors for an extended period, a plastic crate tends to hold up better than some other choices.


  • Cleaning plastic dog crates is easy.
  • They are long-lasting. It’s difficult to break the thick plastic.
  • Because they are enclosed and thick, they give the dog feeling in a “den.”
  • Because they can only look out of one side, they may assist in keeping dogs calm and quiet.
  • Most airlines have approved for in-cabin and below-seat usage of these plastic pet boxes.


  • Plastic dog cages do not fold flat, making storage more challenging.
  • They are sturdy, but some dogs may be tempted to gnaw on them since they are made of plastic.
  • Plastic absorbs scents, so even though they are simple to clean, they might develop a persistent dog stench after a time.
  • They’re big and heavy, and they’re a pain to transport.

Wire dog crate

Wire dog crates are ideal for nearly all canines, particularly training ones. Wire dog cages keep dogs safe, assist in developing a daily routine, and provide a secure environment for your pet.

When buying a wire crate, think about how simple it is to put together, how durable it is, and how easy it is to clean. Some important benefits of the Mastiff wire crate are given below.

  • A wire cage will not only offer your mastiff the necessary ventilation, but wire kennels are also the simplest to clean.
  • Taking out the detachable tray is usually all that is required.
  • If your Mastiff is a destructive chewer, the solid design of a wire cage may prevent them from causing irreparable damage to the structure.

Some owners may be hesitant to use a wire cage because it resembles a cage, yet it may be the most humane option.


  • The majority of metal dog cages fold up for simple transportation.
  • They’re also simple to keep clean. It has removable bottom trays for easy cleaning.
  • This style of pet box is impenetrable to dogs.
  • They’re “open air,” which implies there’s much ventilation. This is ideal for breeds that quickly get overheated.
  • This cage will not absorb scents and will stay odorless.
  • These pet boxes are ideal for dogs that like being involved in all family activities since they provide a 360-degree view.


  • These metal dog cages are not advised for reactive dogs because of their excellent visibility.
  • They’re simple to clean, although dog hair and grime may become lodged in the crossbars over time.
  • These pet cages will rust over time since they are constructed of metal.
  • Because this is a big container, it might be challenging to transport even if it folds up due to its weight.
  • The dog’s claws on the plastic plate create quite a racket.
  • Because of the door closures, specific metal dog cages are easier to escape.

Wooden dog crates

With or without sheathing, a crate has a self-supporting frame. This makes wooden crates much more durable and sturdy than a simple wooden box.

Not only do wooden crates provide excellent stability, but they are also simple to stack, store, and move about.


  • They may blend into a home’s decor.
  • They may, for example, serve as a shelf or end table with a useable surface.
  • There are several styles from which to pick.


  • These are not suitable for dogs that like destroying furniture. These containers may be ruined by chewing and clawing.
  • Because they are constructed of wood, they are challenging to clean and eliminate smells.
  • Compared to other kinds of containers, these crates are pricey.

Double Door Fold-and-Carry Dog Crate from the Midwest iCrate

In the search for the best dog cage for your mastiff, there’s no better option than the MidWest iCrate Double Door Fold & Carry Folding Dog Crate.

This kennel has two doors for your mastiff to utilize and is very simple to assemble in about one hour. Additionally, the container is equipped with two plastic handles for easy transportation.

Remove a plastic pan from the interior of the litter box if your mastiff has an accident, and then replace it. Additionally, many mastiff owners love that this cage comes with a divider panel, unlike some other options, so that you may partition off regions until your dog is fully matured.

More Highly Rated Dog Crates For Mastiffs

MidWest Homes for Pets XXL Giant Dog Crate | 54-Inch Long Ginormous Dog Crate Ideal for a Mastiff

The 54L x 37W x 45H inch double door aluminium dog cage weighs 80.2 pounds and measures 54L x 37W x 45H inches. Extra-large dog breeds weighing more than 90 pounds are ideal candidates (Great Dane)

The Dog Crate has two doors and a drop-pin solid construction. Includes a detachable tray that is simple to clean, as well as a patent-pending “L-Bar” safety feature.

Metal dog kennel with three heavy-duty safe slide-bolt locks on each door. Remember that this XXL dog cage will take two persons to assemble.

Easy to cleanAssembly is difficult
Easy to foldDifficult to transport
SturdinessUnnecessary ventilation
Easy to installRust with metal
Detachable tray 
Two doors 

MidWest Homes for Pets iCrate, Single Door & Double Door Dog Crates

This single-door foldable crate is appropriate for XL dog breeds and is 48L x 30W x 33H inches. 5-pound weight limit

It assembles in seconds without tools and folds flat for easy storage or travel.

The dog crate door is securely locked in place by a heavy-duty slide-bolt latch, keeping your dog safe within their pet house.

Durable construction offers a secure haven for your pet while you’re gone, as well as satisfying your dog’s natural “den” inclinations. Patented rounded corner clips dramatically limit the possibility of sharp edges in your dog’s cage, making it safer for your dog.

Pros  Cons  
Assembles in seconds  Deform when collapsed for transport  
Easy storage or travel  Stick his head through the grates  
The door is securely locked  Annoying with the side door  
Sharp edges are safe   

MidWest Homes for Pets Spree Travel Pet Carrier, Dog Carrier Features Easy Assembly and Not The Tedious Nut & Bolt

Spree is a hard-sided pet carrier that is appropriate for XS. For fast excursions to the vet, pet shop, etc., breed dog carriers, cat carriers, tiny bird carriers, and small animal carriers are available.

Interior measurements of the pet carrier are 20.70L x 13.22W x 14.09H inches, and the doorway is 8.54W x 8.85H inches.

The pet carrier comes in three colorful and attractive colors, and the design allows for enough air circulation and visibility for your pet. For short excursions, the Spree Pet Carrier is great.

Pros  Cons  
Easy portable  Difficult to clean  
Avoid sun rays  More expensive  
Enough air circulation  No directions  
Visibility for your pet   

KELIXU 48″ Heavy Duty Dog Crate Dog Kennels and Crates for Large Dogs

The KELIXU 48″ Heavy Duty Dog Crate (Buy Online) is a durable steel-framed crate built for large breed dogs. There are four locking 360-Degree caster wheels on the crate’s mobile platform, and it measures 48″ L x 29″ W x 51″ H.

Detachable tray  Expensive
Metal frame against corrosionCleaning is difficult
Can be locked in place to improve safety 
Suitable for garden 
Let dogs breathe fresh air and get close to nature 
The dog cage can be easily moved to any position 

Midwest SL54DD ‘Ginormous’ Single Door Dog Crate for XXL for the Largest Dogs Breeds

This is one of the most fantastic dog crates for giant breed dogs, the Midwest SL54DD ‘Ginormous’ Dog Crate (Buy Online). There is a 38″ high metal mesh door on this XXL dog crate, which spans 54 inches long by 36 inches wide and 45 inches high.

Double metal doorRust issues
Easy to cleanLoose wires
1-year warranty 

Haige Pet Your Pet Nanny Heavy Duty Dog Crate Cage Kennel Playpen Large Strong Metal for Large Dogs

English Mastiff needs an escape-proof crate, which the Haige Heavy Duty Dog Crate (Buy Online) delivers. A Mastiff’s paws aren’t big enough to go through the stamped holes in this heavy-duty dog crate’s steel side panels.

Dogs cannot get into the crate via the tiny gaps, and the strong steel side panels reduce the possibility of an English Mastiff biting someone.

Escape-proof crateBiting issues
Dog crate’s steel side panelsFlexibility
Strong steel side panels 

Amazon Basics Welded Outdoor Wire Crate Kennel, Large

If you have a Cane Corso, you should get the Amazon Basics Welded Wire Crate Kennel (Buy Online). 126 pounds, 101.57″x 72.05″x 48.03″ is the weight of this indoor/outdoor wire kennel.

This huge kennel’s metal parts have been coated with a rustproof coating, making it entirely weatherproof. When it rains, your dog will be safe and dry, appreciative of the waterproof canopy that can be removed.

If you want to ensure that your Cane Corso is completely content when confined to their cage, you may even use this kennel inside.

For a Cane Corso, this is one of the ideal cages if you intend to keep your dog alone in their cage for six to eight hours a day.

Rustproof coatingCostly
WeatherproofWeld deform issues
Keep your dog alone in its cage for six to eight hours a day.Wire injury is possible
When it rains, your dog will be safe and dry 

FAQ about dog crates

What size crate does an English Mastiff puppy require?

A dog’s entire length should be 2 to 4 inches longer than the crate. Because a puppy’s body length ranges from 41.5 to 55 inches, a 46-inch cage is required at the very least (105 to 140 cm).

What is the right way to use dog crates?

The dog crate acts as a safe haven when no one monitors him. Its objective is to offer confinement for the dog’s protection, security, house training, destructive behavior prevention, and travel.

Is Crate Training Beneficial for English Mastiff?

Because your English Mastiff is an intelligent breed, he will learn many commands quicker and easier than other breeds. If you don’t crate train your dog when he’s a puppy, you can end up with a 120-pound dog that thinks he’s the boss.

What is the most effective method for crate training a puppy?

When your dog enters the crate, encourage him, reward him, and then shut the door. Sit quietly behind the crate for five to ten minutes, then step away for a few moments. Return to the cage, sit peacefully for a few seconds, and then let him out. This method should be performed many times each day.

Is it necessary to cover a dog crate with a blanket?

Because it might obstruct ventilation, you should never totally cover your dog’s box. Keep blankets away from heat sources, make sure the fabric is breathable, and avoid snag-prone knit blankets. In humid summer weather, keep a close eye on the temperature inside the cage to make sure it doesn’t grow too hot.

Should I ignore my dog’s crate whining?

Ignore the moaning if you can. If your dog is putting you to the test, he will likely cease whimpering shortly. It’ll just make matters worse if you yell at him or pound on the container. If you’re sure your dog doesn’t need to go potty, the best thing you can do is ignore him until he stops whimpering.

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