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The American Continent, page 9

Name : DoubleEdge "J.A.K.E." Just Another K-9 Envy
Father : DoubleEdge Ch. Misty Meadows Four Wheel Drive
Mother : DoubleEdge Kira
Born : Jan. 5, 1999
Sex : Male
Color : Fawn with black mask
Breeder : DoubleEdge Mastiffs
Owner : Cody and Stacy Ewing
Address : 2352 Airport Road, Oxford, AL 36203, USA
E-mail :
Other pets : Abbey Black Lab mix
Information : Jake is now 14 months old and is a very big boy @ 34' tall and about 190 lbs, and still growing. We also own his best friend Abbey, a 35 lb black lab mix, she keeps his mouth clean, and gives him lots of exercise.

Name : Subigre's One My T Hard Rock
Father : Subigre's One in A Megamillion or "MizzarBull"
Mother : Subigre Karo-K's Silly Silve
Born : 9-27-97
Sex : Male
Color : Fawn w/ black mask
Breeder : Susan Prickett
Owner : Fran Matera, Sally Tims
Address : Clearwater, Florida, USA
E-mail :
Other pets : Female Chow/Keshound mix and 1 cat
Information : We call our mastiff "Meatball". He is a gentle giant and we love him very much. He loves to play with Sgetti, the cat. He's 2 years old and weighs close to 200lbs. He's a momma's boy and follows me all over the house. He's very sweet and loves other animals and children. We love the breed so much that we hope to adopt another mastiff in the future. I'll try to send a picture soon.


Name : Dawn Edge Merlin
Father : Greiner Hall Falcon
Mother : Willow Run Patience
Born : June 17 1999
Sex : Male
Color : fawn
Breeder : Margaret J. & Keith E Yates
Owner : Michael & Lori Romanelli
Address : New York, USA
E-mail :
Information : He is my first mastiff and he is definetly a large bundle of joy. He is a shy but freindly giant. he has made an exellent addition to the family. We are lucky to have him.


124. Nana
Name : Nana Grace of Grandeur
Father : Altom's General MacArthur
Mother : Ch, CGC Precious Ariel of Grandeur
Born : 4/18/1996
Sex : Female
Color : fawn
Breeder : Ed & Donna Dick
Owner : Chip Gatlin & Donna Dick
Address : 4114 Sunbury Ave, USA
E-mail :
Homepage :
Other pets : Belvoirs Sweet Nicky (Mastiff)
Information : Nana is a wonderful bitch that has points towards her Championship.
Nana is a gold 5 star Mastiff


Name : Tixie Loo Edwards
Father : unknown
Mother : unknown
Born : August 8 1999
Sex : Female
Color : Silver Fawn/Black Mask
Breeder : unknown
Owner : Scott and Catie Edwards
Address : Hamilton,Ont Canada
E-mail :
Other pets : Nicholas and Fil (2 cats)
Information : Tixie is the heart of our family. Some of her favourite things to do are tearing branches off trees and taking care of her "baby"-- a wooly stuffed pig she has had since we got her at 5 weeks. A very obdient dog she obeys Fil the cat (her mentor) first and us second.


Name : Lucy
Father : unknown
Mother : unknown
Born : aprox. 2 yrs. of age
Sex : Female
Color : Apricot
Breeder : unknown
Owner : Michelle Koelker
Address : 942 Buckeye Fork Rd., Sod WV. 25564, U.S.A
E-mail :
Information : Lucy came to us by total surprise.First let me tell you what we were told,she was beaten her whole life by her first owner(witch should be beaten themselfs).And then our neighbors got her for a guard dog(but they are afraid of dogs),and did not take care of her.They left her outside all winter and she was starving.She wouldn't even go to their home because she knew that they wouldn't take care of her,so she stayed at my home,and I finally took her in and gave her lots of love and plenty of food and she is doing very well now...She is a very skidish dog(but who can blame her seeing what she had to go
through)..But we love her just as well,she is part of our family and will never be mistreated again.....I will send in a pic of my baby later.....


Name : Sugar
Father : Unknown
Mother : Unknown
Born : Unknown
Sex : Female
Color : Fawn w/ black mask
Breeder : Unknown
Owner : Annell Justice
Address : Central GA
E-mail :
Other pets : 1 cat named Oliver
Information : This dog adopted us when she was abandoned by neighbors. She is very sweet and gentle.


128. Buddy
Name : Intrepid's Buddy Louise
Father : Intrepid Thore
Mother : Dusty,s Doghie
Born : 12-23-91
Sex : Male
Color : Brindle
Owner : Joe & Kim Troyer
Address : South Hutchinson, KS, USA
E-mail :
Other pets : 1 Yorkshier terrier "JJ", 1 Shelty "Kindy", 1-Mastiff "Lucky", 1-Cat "Charmin", 2-Fish.
Information : We had "Buddy" for eight years...We got him when he was 12 weeks old... It was the best thing we ever did!!! We lost him just last week Tuesday March 14th 2000....It was a pretty sad day for all of us and especially our two girls... Buddy and our oldest daughter Michaela who is 7 were the best of buds since they grew up together....Buddy was one of our family and will be missed very much!!!! Friday March 17th we went and picked up the newest member of the family...a six week old Mastiff "Lucky" he will never replace Buddy, but he will help us fill the void in our family and help us remember how special Buddy really was...


129. Roseanne
Name : Pa-Shega's Roseanne Von Duke
Father : Chris' Purple Sage Hi-Lander
Mother : Chris' Barya Sterling Silver
Born : 09/11/98
Sex : Female
Color : Fawn
Breeder : Rhonda Morris
Owner : Susan & Jessica DeHoyos
Address : Apple Valley, CA, USA
E-mail :
Other pets : Pomeranian(s), Chihuahua(s), & Burmese Cat(s)
Information : Titles Include: National Champion Puppy 08-29-99 and International Champion Bitch 04/21/99


Name : Tanner
Born : December 19, 1998
Sex : Female
Color : Tan/brown
Breeder : Dr.Iyer
Owner : Mike Morace
Address : 208 newburgh ave
E-mail : mikesbikes286
Other pets : cat
Picture : emailPicture
Information : Hello my name is Tanner im a mastiff,2 years old/i weigh 115 lbs. I'm very friendly also but i am afraid of stupid things.Im really hopping that i could find a buddy (mastiff) to adopt. We have a very big yard even though I stay inside and protect my family.If you know of a buddy for me to adopt please send me mail at Mikesbikes286. Thank you. Also I am a gentle lady. BYE.


131. Lily
Name : Lily Vanilli Brown
Father : Shepard Thor Damieon
Mother : Sheba Shep
Born : September 14, 1998
Sex : Female
Color : Fawn black mask
Breeder : Chris Fletcher
Owner : Christopher and Kerri Brown
Address : Ashaway, RI, U.S.A.
E-mail :
Other pets : Chewy (OEM) and Wanda (crazy cat)
Information : This is our little lily! She's our little love bug. At 1yr. and 1/2 she weighs 150lbs.

132.  Chewy
Name : Chews on Shoes "Chewy" Brown
Father : Sir Gabriel of McGlothlins
Mother : Carmilia Sunshine McGlothlin
Born : April 27, 1999
Sex : Male
Color : Brindle
Breeder : The McGlothlins
Owner : Christopher and Kerri Brown
Address : Ashaway, Ri U.S.A.
E-mail :
Other pets : Lily (OEM) and Wanda (crazy cat)
Information : This is our other baby, Chewy! At 11 months he weighs in at 165lbs and gaining fast!

133. Brutus Lilliputian
Name : Brutus Lilliputian
Father : Mayfair Farm Mighty Mitchell
Mother : Mayfair Farms Lady Abigail
Born : December 2, 1999
Sex : Male
Color : Brindle
Breeder : Dennis Cates
Owner : Joy Ellen Schuster
Address : Milwaukee, WI, USA
E-mail :
Other pets : A pug named Snot and a German Shorthaired Pointer named Hercules.
Information : Brutus recently joined my menagerie ... he indeed is a wonderful, much welcomed and unique addition. When people see him they usually say he "lumbers." Funny because I don't think I ever heard that particular word uttered until I adopted Brutus. He indeed has "lumbered" his way into my soul.


Name : Shyla
Father : Mystaya King Sarge
Mother : Alexander's Perites-Brit
Born : November28 1999
Sex : Female
Color : apricot
Breeder : Alex Lyons
Owner : Josee Deveault
Address : Cold Lake, Alberta
E-mail :
Other pets : one cat
Information : Shyla got her name because she is so bashful, yet so loving.


135. Titan
Name : Titan Warriors Legacy Knight
Father : T's Hooche
Mother : Chloea
Born : 4/30/99
Sex : Male
Color : Brindle/Blk mask&ears
Breeder : Thomas Taylor
Owner : Cindy Briscoe
Address : Ottawa Lake, Michigan
E-mail :
Other pets : Not really a "pet", but we have a horse.
Information : Titan is the sweetest smartest dog we ever had. He loves and is very protective of the children. He puts up with so much from them,especially our 9 yr. old daughter who loves to dress him up in whatever is suitable for what she's playing. Titan is a super soccer player, loves to play with the kids. He's an excellent (Dribbler) in more ways than one!!! He's just one gentle giant and I wouldn't trade him for the world!!!!!!




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