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Pros and Cons of New Online Casinos

Online casinos have been around for a while now. They immerged around the 1990’s and have come a long way. They offer players a whole new degree of gambling, bringing the casino experience into the home, onto the computer and increasingly phone. It is easy, time saving and above all convenient. Conventional casinos require you to travel to them. All the money you spent on gas, food, tolls, wear and tear, that is all money which would have been better served in your bankroll. You can play blackjack online at 2am in your underwear if you want.

The internet skirts around gambling legislation not always legally but it allows people the freedom their governments have decided they can’t have. Online casinos offer membership bonuses, tournaments, and higher payback percentages than brick and mortar casinos. New casinos usually offer better bonuses for their customers so it's better to choose such a casino. On the page you can find a comprehensive list of these.

It’s all about choices, unless you live in Las Vegas your casino options are limited. In a country town there might be one bar with a slot machine. Some people claim that online gambling does not have the same feel as a casino, and while this may, in some respects be true, it is nice, not having to wait, to play a table. Live dealer casino games are recorded and streamed high definition footage of a real dealer. This is pretty close to the real thing, if you ask me.

Online casinos display your game history, allow you to trial games before you bet on them, and provide educational material so you can improve your game. Online casinos are all about the game, real casinos know there is more than one way to make money of you. They sell drinks at the bar flaunt beautiful woman and play loud fast paced music. The assault of lights and colours sets the scene for some but simply distracts others.

Created by Finn Harald Røed All Rights Reserved © 1998-2002

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