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The American Continent, page 19

Name : Wynikka's Kissin' Kattie
Father : Ch. MGM Kings Ransom
Mother : Ch. Thelina Mystique De Wynikka
Born : May 11, 1994
Sex : Female
Color : Apricot
Breeder : W. Shaw
Owner : Ken Pritchard
Address : Box 154 Merville BC Canada VOR 2MO
E-mail :
Homepage :
Other pets : Horses, Cat
Information : Kattie is a beautiful apricot female, who is absolutly huge! She weighs over 200lbs and still thinks that she is two year old! She is very healthy and very active. She loves to run and play.

Name : Bogart
Born : 3/13/2000
Sex : Male
Color : red
Owner : Cathy Kuhlmann
Address : Cincinnati, Ohio
E-mail :
Other pets : 4 cats & beagle
Information : Bogart is a handsome, affectionate member of our menagerie , & a true friend! Pics soon.


Name : Electra
Father : unknown
Mother : unknown
Born : Approx. 11/5/00
Sex : Female
Color : Brindle
Breeder : Unknown
Owner : Andrew Bertapelle
Address : PSC 819 Box 18 FPO AE 09645, USA
E-mail :
Information : I know that a lot of other Mastiffs on this page are of great known stock. I rescued my puppy from a shelter and have no idea as to her lineage. I give her the benefit of the doubt and think she is a good enough stock to be a part of this page.


274. Blues Clues
Name : Ch.Lamars Blues Clues
Father : Ch. La'Paws Drake of Diamondhead
Mother : Lamars Pop the Cork
Born : 12/7/99
Sex : Male
Color : Fawn
Breeder : Margo Lauritsen
Owner : Rosie Dickson & Margo Lauritsen
Address : 2512 Vineyard Ave.Pleasanton,Ca.94566 USA
E-mail :
Other pets : Yes Mastiffs
Information : Lamars Blues Clues pictured at 10 months finshed his championship at 11 months of age from the 9-12 Class. Blue is the sweeetst Big Love.


275. Lukin Attcha
Name : Ch. Pallones Here's Lukin Attcha
Father : Ch. Smok'N Lad Sand River Rio
Mother : Pallones Crowning Glory
Born : 5/03/99
Sex : Male
Color : Brindle
Breeder : Deborah Pallone
Owner : George and Claudia Salinger
Address : USA
E-mail :
Homepage :
Other pets : Hazel, Willie
Information : Big typey brindle boy, lots of bone and wonderful head.


276. Hazel
Name : Pallones Sweet and Sassy Hazel
Father : Ch. Arciniega's Sweet Willy
Mother : Pallones Crowning Glory
Born : 4/27/98
Sex : Female
Color : Fawn
Breeder : Deborah Pallone
Owner : George and Claudia Salinger
E-mail :
Homepage :
Other pets : Luke and Willy
Information : Hazel is a large female, 185 lbs. She has a lot of English breeding in her background.


277. Bruno
Name : Bruno
Father : Pugsley
Born : 08/28/2000
Sex : Male
Color : Fawn
Owner : Tommy and Edelweiss Peña
Address : Houston, Texas
E-mail :
Other pets : Max the Beagle
Information : I sent in the picture of Bruno, my 4 month old English Mastiff puppy!



278. Mimi
Name : Skylar's Screaming Mimi
Father : Ch. Iron Hills Paint Your Wagon
Mother : Skylar's Angel Among Us
Born : 11-06-97
Sex : Female
Color : Fawn
Breeder : Ann-Marie McDonald - Skylar Mastiffs
Owner : Kristen Dixon
Address : Deale, MD , USA
E-mail :
Homepage :
Other pets : Yes
Information : Muddy Creek Mastiffs Mimi - my kindred soul and princess of the house. Come visit Mimi and our other treasured canine kids - Clairabelle and Hal!


Name : Boris
Father : Ch.Creekview's Major montgomery CD
Mother : Ch. victory's Donacaster isabella
Born : April 18 1997
Sex : Male
Color : Fawn, Black mask
Breeder : Karyn & Dana Cook, Victory's Mascotts
Owner : Karen Walker
Address : Massachusetts, USA
E-mail :
Other pets : Siamese cat named Meko, and Koi
Information : Boris is our baby. He is our third Mastiff.What a wonderful child he has turned out to be,...faithful, loving,sweet, and gentle. We feel so fortunate to have him. Although I don't think Meko feels the same way!


Name : Dreyfus
Father : unknown
Mother : unknown
Born : Sept.97
Sex : Male
Color : Fawn/Black Mask
Breeder : ????
Owner : Mike & Kari
Address : Ottawa, Il
E-mail :
Information : Dreyfus is our Mastiff, he and his brother were taken from a breeder in LasVegas according to the Mastiff Rescue. We got him at 7 weeks old and weighing 40lbs at that time. I love this breed of dog he is a gentle giant, our three year old can feed him french fries with Dreyfus nibbling around the tiny fingers. I rocked Dreyfus as a baby every day and now at 3yrs old and a hefty 300 and some lbs. he still loves to try and be rocked!! A protector by nature, true to his kind, this gentle beast , intimidating at the right time. He knows a stranger so beware, he will fight to his death to keep us safe in his care. This loving family brought together by fate?? No other animal on earth could be so great!


281. Albert
Name : Ch Albert Hunter of Jericho (Albert)
Father : Jericho Iron Chief War Lion
Mother : Lady Tigress of Jericho
Born : 9-16-95
Sex : Male
Color : fawn
Breeder : J Ward
Owner : Bryan and Heather Jackson
Address : West Mansfield, Ohio, USA
E-mail :
Homepage :
Other pets : 4 mastiffs

Name : Beowulf EM A Bedrock Girl (Emma)
Father : AM CAN CH Beowulf's Leading Man-Bogart
Mother : CAN CH Kemlas Beowulf Sequoia
Born : 1-4-00
Sex : Female
Color : brindle
Breeder : Devon Everett
Owner : Bryan and Heather Jackson
Address : West Mansfield, Ohio, USA
E-mail :
Homepage :
Other pets : 4 mastiffs
Information : Emma was only 11 months old in this picture. To see more of our dogs visit our web page


283. Bubba
Name : Stormes's T-Town Bubba The Rock "Bubba"
Father : Couch's Loving Big Baby Huey
Mother : Couch's Precious Sand Pebbles
Born : 12 - 17 - 00
Sex : Male
Color : Brindle
Breeder : Ardis & Julie Couch
Owner : Brandie Stormes
Address : Topeka, Kansas, United States
E-mail :
Other pets : English Setter mix named Fred, Blue Healer mix named Dolly, 2 cats: Cuddles & Turtle, 2 fish tanks
Information : Bubba will be 7 weeks old on February 4th, 2001. He is a sturdy little guy, weighing 15 pounds at 6 weeks. He is a popular little dude, as he is from the Grandparents of Greco and Hollesley. His mommy loves him very much!


Name : Dawn Edge Gwenivere of Willow Run
Father : Bishop of Willow Run
Mother : Dawn Edge Gwedolin
Born : 3.28.00
Sex : Female
Color : Fawn
Breeder : Dawn Edge Mastiffs
Owner : Devon Rausch and Cari Endres
Address : Hoboken, NJ, USA
E-mail :
Other pets : none(maybe a male mastiff on the way though)
Information : I was a little hesitant to get a mastiff because I live in a apartment. I made the right choice though. I had to beg my girlfriend to let me get such a large breed, but she is in love and I don't thinks its with me. Gwenny is the love of both are lives. She is 10 months old in the picture and only 97lbs. She was the runt of the litter but we love her just the same. Gwenny's favorite thing to do is play in the snow. She is still a bit timid of new people but loves playing with us and other dogs at the dog park. She is starting to realize how big she is and loves to bully the little dogs. She is such a leaner, she loves to lean on our legs, couch, walls. It provides a lot of laughs around the apartment. She can never have enough affection, as most mastiffs are. I'm addicted to the breed already and am thinking of getting a male real soon. She completes our lives.


210. Sadie Joy Williams
Name : Sadie Joy Williams
Father : Cooper's Crimson Tide
Mother : Kendra (Greco)
Born : August 20, 2000
Sex : Female
Color : Fawn Brindle
Breeder : Becky McDonough, Warrenton, VA
Owner : Valerie J. Williams
Address : 1740 Hancock Avenue,Norfolk VA, USA
E-mail :
Homepage :
Other pets : 2 year chihuahua
Information : This is our first mastiff. She is an absolute delight. She is 5 months old and 23 inches tall and weighs 80 lbs. She graduates from obedience training next week. Love the Breed!





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