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The American Continent, page 16

Name : Zac Alencar-Gross
Father : Cleo
Mother : Ellie
Born : 8-8-99
Sex : Male
Color : Fawn
Breeder : Bill and DeDe MacTaggart
Owner : Catia M. Alencar and John F. Gross
Address : Pittsburgh, PA - USA
E-mail :
Other pets : Annie, another beautiful mastiff, and a fish called Elmer.
Information : Zac is a beautiful fawn mastiff. He is currently attending obedience classes twice per week and having a lot of fun. He is a joy to have around the house and is a fast learner also. He likes to go for walks at the park and loves to be around people. His is great with children, specially the little ones. He thinks that they are puppies also.

227. Vesta and Manny
Name : Benbow's Vesta
Father : Dakar's Baron Von Wolf
Mother : Dakar's Reva Shane
Born : 5/31/1992
Sex : Female
Color : Fawn
Breeder : Katherine B Benbow
Owner : Annie Laurie
Address : P.O. Box 792, 208 Austin, McDade, Tx. USA
E-mail :
Homepage :
Other pets : yorkie, Catahula, Border Collie, Shar-pei
Information : She is so wonderful at 210 lbs. and is funny to see her sleep with my 3.5 lb. yorkie


Name : Annie Alencar-Gross
Father : Cleo
Mother : Ellie
Born : 8-8-99
Sex : Female
Color : Apricot
Breeder : Bill & DeDe McTaggart
Owner : Catia Alencar & John Gross
Address : Pittsburgh PA - USA
E-mail :
Homepage :
Other pets : Zac, her brother, a wonderful Mastiff as well. And a Fish named Elmer.
Information : Annie is very lively. She loves throughing her rubber ball down the stairs and chasing it. She is a alot of fun to play with, and also likes to investigates every little noise. We call her "The Supervisor". Zac is much bigger but is always reporting his every move or else she will chase him also. She is afraid of nothing and is a great pet.


Name : Titus
Father : Ch. Beowulf's Mcguyver
Mother : Ch. Beowulf's Quiet Riot
Born : June 15, 2000
Sex : Male
Color : Fawn
Breeder : Suzann Everett-Beowulf Mastiffs
Owner : Chuck & Debbie Gianatasio
Address : Albany, NY
E-mail :
Other pets : Bella (Titus' half sister) see her on page 11. Punkin and Shaburger-two goldfish
Information : Well, we did it...we gave in to the not-so-subtle temptation of the Mastiff. Titus is an 9-week old hellion. One of his nicknames is "Bad-asstiff Mastiff". He thinks he's so tough. At only 21 lbs. he tries to get in the face of his 150 lb. sister, Bella. Bella's not to thrilled with the puppy, however, since she's been an only child for 20 months. She will become more tolerant of him as time goes by and he gets BIGGER and they can really brawl.

Titus is very cute. He has a small white mark on his chest that is shaped like a star and a white spot on his lower lip that looks like he's been into the milk. "Mommy's little star" and "Milky-lip" were obvious nicknames. We forgot what having a tiny puppy around the house was like...potty training, those sharp little teeth, big clumsy feet and puppy breath. Yeah, so we're not getting a ton of sleep and our social life is on hold for a while, but believe me, when we see the love in his eyes, we know that we would never trade this for the world! Expect pictures soon!


Name : Old Style's Abdul Ben Pyard
Father : Omar V. Herman Mugsey Jr. O.S.
Mother : Old Style's Iggy-Pay Cochise
Born : 12/26/98
Sex : Male
Color : Apricot Black Mask
Breeder : Anne M Williams & Richard L Williams
Owner : Jon Cox
Address : Oswego, Illinois, USA
E-mail :
Information : "Frank" is now 20 month old, stands 32" to the shoulder and weighs approx 190Lbs. He has a wonderful temperament, is excellent with children and, as seems standard for the breed, has the most loving and sensitive nature. I wouldn't even consider owning another breed of dog, I have been well and truly spoiled by Frank!


Name : Gwenny
Sex : Female
Color : Golden
Breeder : Lucy Cox
Owner : Jim & Sherry Cox
Address : 13370 Begonia road, Victorville, CA 92392, USA
E-mail :
Other pets : two cockers, one jack russle and one terrier


232. Zena
Name : Xena Warrior Princess
Father : Jake Buttermilk
Mother : Queen
Born : 2/1/00
Sex : Female
Color : Apriot
Breeder : Debbie Baldwin
Owner : Susan Hughes, Lyron Cobbins
Address : 6020 Metcalf Ln #3A
E-mail :
Information : Zena is a 6 month bundle of joy. She is very gentle and fun-loving towards others. She has a calm, sweet, temperment.


233. Olivia
Name : Ch Messiah's ELS Tip the doorman
Father : Ch Ironhill's Doorman to Mt Moriah
Mother : Ch Silver Simply Elsa
Born : 8/16/99
Sex : Female
Color : Fawn
Breeder : Karin Leahy
Owner : Karin Leahy
Address : North Brunswick
E-mail :
Homepage :
Other pets : 3 other mastiffs
Information : Olivia finished her championship at 10 months of age and is a multiple best of opposite winner from the classes. She has turned out to be all that I wanted and more. She loves to show and is the sweetest puppy. ..very attatched.....she is forever by my side.


234. Fozzie
Name : WileyWays Mr. Fozz E. Bear
Father : Series Tall Cool
Mother : Burns Hall Excalibur
Born : 02/08/2000
Sex : Male
Color : fawn with black mask
Breeder : owner
Owner : Denise Wiley
Address : Maryland, USA
E-mail :
Other pets : mastiffs and rescue kitties
Information : This is a pic of Fozzie from when he was 13 wks old. He is a very special boy for he was born with a cleft lip and cleft palate. His birth defects have been surgically repaired and he plans on being a wonderful therapy dog since he has a fantastic personality and makes friends every where that he goes. He has been a blessing and we are very lucky to have him in our lives.


235. Chloe
Name : WileyWays Cherished Chloe
Father : Series Tall Cool
Mother : Wileys Calamity Jane
Born : 02/13/2000
Sex : Female
Color : fawn with black mask
Breeder : Denise Wiley
Owner : Ginger Furline
Address : Georgia, USA
Information : Chloe is a perfect angel baby.


236. Primo Remo Major
Name : BIS BISS Ch. Old School's Primo Remo Major
Father : Ch. Deer Run Ezekiel
Mother : BISS Ch. Old School's Ursa Major
Born : July 5, 1986
Sex : Male
Color : fawn
Breeder : John and Donna Bahlman
Owner : John and Donna Bahlman and Mike Hoffman
Address : VA, USA
E-mail :
Homepage :
Other pets : many


Name : Mighty Jimi
Father : Mayfair Farm Mighty Mitchell
Mother : Charming Chezzie
Born : 11/04/99
Sex : Male
Color : Apricot
Breeder : Dawne M Cates
Owner : Nathan Crawford
Address : Winthrop MN , USA
E-mail :
Other pets : Two Female Cats, Enya and Melody
Information : We adopted Jimi on 9/1/00 at the age of 10mos. He is a wonderful dog, and we are so glad to have him. We have never owned a Mastiff before, but he was greatly anticipated, and now that he is here we can't imagine why we never adopted a Mastiff before. Eventhough we have only had him a couple of days, he's been so much fun, and gentle with us. Our Cats were not to excited to meet him but I think in time they will all get along nicely. So to our future with Jimi, may it be filled with fun, good heath, and happiness. So far it looks that way......:-).


238. Buck
Name : Buck
Father : Majestic Champion Bishop
Mother : Royal Princess
Born : 11/14/99
Sex : Male
Color : fawn &black
Breeder : Raz and Curt's Matiffs
Owner : Dana Scott
Address : 1019 Judie Dr. Sandwich IL 60548, USA
E-mail :
Other pets : yellow lab, kitty

Name : lucy
Father : peppershaker
Mother : alice
Born : june 3 00
Sex : Female
Color : fawn
Owner : available
Address : dexter, mo, USA
E-mail :
Other pets : more mastiffs
Information : 13 week lucy playing with one of its humans


Name : Lord Brutus
Father : Mighty Buster of Mayfair
Mother : Princess Hannah of Mayfair
Born : June,22,2000
Sex : Male
Color : fawn, w/ black mask
Breeder : Dennis Cates
Owner : Erica Stevens
Address : Vestal, NY, USA
E-mail :
Other pets : 4 persian kittens
Information : Brutus is our first Mastiff, we will be picking up a female mastiff pup in 5 days!!! For me Mastiffs are the only place to go!!



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