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The American Continent, page 2

Name : D'Artagnan's Emma Knows Best
Father : Calvin Klein Sacca
Mother : Kelly Klein Sacca
Born : 12/2/97
Sex : Female
Color : Apricot
Breeder : Chris & Kristy Sacca
Owner : Jessica Young
Address : San Anselmo, California
E-mail :
Homepage :
Other pets : Tucker, a Border Collie mix
Information : Emma is my first Mastiff, and she has completely sold me on the breed. Before I got her, I had thouroughly researched both Mastiffs and Great Danes and decided to go with the Dane because of a lessor "drool factor". Soon after aquiring my dane, the opportunity for a Mastiff presented itself and so, here we are... My dane has since died and Mastiffs have stolen my heart for good! Who couldnt love the giant sensitive lug-head with a heart of gold?!!


Name : Crowell's Mighty Thor
Father : Sir Oliver Twist
Mother : BJ's Fallen Angle
Born : 11-7-98
Sex : Male
Color : Apricot Brindle
Breeder : BJ's Kennels
Owner : Ben And Jennifer Crowell
Address : Andalusia, Alabama, USA
E-mail :
Homepage : Add Later
Other pets : 1 Mastiff, 7 year old Chow Mix, and a male cat
Picture : On it's way
Information : Thor was the runt of his litter but he has grown A LOT in the last few months. He is the coach hog and tries to push us off. Balder and Thor are a joy to come home to and a great asset to our family. These guys are loved very much.

Name : Am/Can Ch. Caledonia Paddy Wagon
Father : Ch. Iron Hills Once Upon A Wagon
Mother : Caledonia Direct Reflection
Born : 09/02/94
Sex : Male
Color : Fawn / Black Mask
Breeder : Susie Farber
Owner : Michael Reid
Address : PO Box 762111 San Antonio, TX 78245, USA
E-mail : 
Homepage : 
Information : Sherlock is a very happy, outgoing mastiff. Reserve Winners Dog at the 1998 Mastiff Nationals, Sherlock finished his champion quite quickly in Canada and in the US.


Name : Caledonia Night Moves
Father : Iron Hills Goodnite Irene
Mother : Ch. Iron Hills Bet The Farm Born : 12/4/97
Sex : Female
Color : Fawn / Black Mask
Breeder : Susie Farber
Owner : Michael Reid & Susie Farber
Address : PO Box 762111 San Antonio, TX 78245, USA
E-mail :
Homepage :
Other pets : A Portuguese Water Dog named Smurf.
Information : Cassie is pictured at 11 Months old. Her mother has won two Mastiff Club Of America collar awards for top producing bitch. Her father is out of Multiple BIS winner Ch. Iron Hills into the NIght. To us she is a great family member that is always in to everything.


Name : Zeus' Mighty Thunder
Father : Zeus' Moonlight Bay
Mother : Her Majesty's Bermudian Calypso
Born : Dec 26 1995
Sex : Male
Color : Apricot
Breeder : Jodi Thrasher
Owner : Joseph N Duffy
Address : Box 68 Ceresco Nebraska, USA
E-mail :
Other pets : Female Mastiff
Information : Zeus is a world traveler; he has been all over Europe as well as a good portion of the USA. I receive a lot of compliments about his head and his size he weighs 220 lbs and is very hard to move from his rest position which is 3/4 of his time.


Name : Daphne Lady of Lago Patria
Father : Helorus
Mother : Liciniasextia
Born : April 04 1997
Sex : Female
Color : Apricot
Breeder : Alberto Zizzi
Owner : Joseph and Lorraine Duffy
Address : Ceresco Nebraska, USA
E-mail :
Other pets : Zeus' Daphne's mate
Information : Daphne was purchased in Italy and she is now being registered w/AKC. Daphne has a ENCI registration already and that took a year to get back! Daphne is a lightweight at 210 lbs. HAHA; she is a typical Mastiff - all objects are inanimate to her!


Name : Sagi Hope
Father : Sagi Sgt. Semore Stripes
Mother : Springwood's Lassie of Sagi
Born : 11/17/98
Sex : Female
Color : apricot brindle
Breeder : Alvin J Stoltzfus
Owner : Karen and David Thomas
Address : 216 Winston Rd Pasadena Md 21122, USA
E-mail :
Other pets : 18 month-old male fawn neutered mastiff
Information : We will never own another kind of dog. Our mastiffs have found a special place in everyones hearts. We are planning on breeding our female-- we are eagerly waithing for her to be old enough to give us puppies. If anyone has any information about breeding mastiffs it would be much appreciated. Thanks.


Name : Double C Big Tommy Boy
Father : CH Sugar Foot's Shot in the Darc CD
Mother : Sugar Foot's Double C Hope
Born : 5/26/98
Sex : Male
Color : Fawn, black mask
Breeder : Calvin & Cindy Gibson
Owner : Clint, Laura & Kyle Pierpoint
Address : 1235 Trails End Ct. SE, Tumwater WA, USA
E-mail :  or
Other pets : Fish, Lizards, Indoor Rabbit
Information : What an experience having Tommy Boy! We are definately obsessed. Tommy sleeps on a feather-bed and goes everywhere with us. He is our best friend. My 71/2 yr old son calls him his brother and choose him for his last birthday over going to Disney World.


Name : Hercules Tyson ElMundo
Father : Coffey Creek Hoss
Mother : Caney-Creek's Dottie
Born : Jan 7, 1999
Sex : Male
Color : Fawn
Breeder : Bob Mackey
Owner : Monica Peters
Address : 5007 Kleinbrook, USA
E-mail :
Homepage :
Other pets : Yellow Lab, Parrot, Love Bird, Tro Fish


Name : BriteStar Truths Out Here Mulder
Father : BriteStars Opposing Force
Mother : Brite Stars Burning Obsession
Born : 11/11/96
Sex : Male
Color : Apricot
Breeder : Brite Star Kennels - Auburn,CA
Owner : Marj Maggiora
Address : Folsom, Ca, U.S.A.
E-mail :
Other pets : English Bulldog, Fat Black Cat, & Guinea Pig. Planning on another
Mastiff this year!


Name : Clamtown Bryar Bush Brode
Father : Bacchus Bhutan Bordeaux
Mother : Swartz Marble Brindle
Born : 01/06/96
Sex : Male
Color : Brindle, black mask
Breeder : John N Swartz III
Owner : Barbara J Brode
Address : RD#3 Box 211 Tamaqua Pa 18252, USA
E-mail :
Other pets : One Weimaraner and one Spaniel/Golden mix.
Information : Intrested in studding Bryar.


27. Oxford
Name : Shemariah's Stone Cold Oxford
Father : Big Ten Samson of Shemriah
Mother : Jimmy's Lady of the Knights
Born : 10-28-1997
Sex : Male
Color : Fawn, black mask
Breeder : Lori Stamm
Owner : Lucas Bolton, Lisa Bolton
Address : Grayslake, IL. USA
E-mail :
Other pets : 5 month old Scottie
Information : Ox is our first Mastiff. Always had Scotties. When we brought him home he was as big as the Scotties were. We Lost the Scotties and Ox was lonesome, so now he has a playmate in Angus. We stop traffic in our little town. Ox is only Mastiff around and lots of people have never seen one. We Love him so much, gentle giant is true. What a lovely breed.

Name : Lamars Jewel of Lone Oak
Father : Pallones Road To Glory
Mother : Lamars Sunny Delight
Born : 11/23/98
Sex : Female
Color : Fawn
Breeder : Eric & Margo Lauritsen
Owner : Cindy VanNieuwburg & Margo Lauritsen
Address : 3299 Formby Lane, Fairfield, CA USA
E-mail :
Other pets : Mastiffs (2) mother & son apricots
Information : Jewel - she is exactly that! Pictured here, she just went to her first AKC show in the 6-9 Puppy Class and took Winners for 2 points handled by little ole me. You can also see her and two of her brothers, Guido & Garth at 12 weeks old at the Lamars site in this archive, as well as my "Tugger" - Intl. CH Lone Oak's Tug O War.


Name : Moonstone Bambi-Zilla
Father : Saratoga Nortamer Fernortner
Mother : Moonstone's Jezzabelle
Born : July 06, 1998
Sex : Female
Color : Fawn
Breeder : Joanne Brazeau
Owner : Andrea Christensen
Address : 5700 N. Island Hwy., Courtenay, B.C, Canada
E-mail :
Otherpets : Cat, horse, and another dog of mixed background!
Information : Tia (call name!) is an outgoing, friendly people dog. She is everything we ever wanted in a mastiff! She just turned 1, and weighs 145 lbs, and is 28" tall, but still bum high! We thank Joanne for this wonderful dog!


Name : Coal-Trane's Blues
Father : Copenhaver's Sampson
Mother : Copenhaver's Fe Fe
Born : 02-26-99
Sex : Male
Color : Brindle
Breeder : Randy Copenhaver
Owner : Allen Baity and Julie Cross
Address : 510 Silverado Tr. Belton, MO 64012 USA
E-mail :
Other pets : 2 cats and 3 geckos
Information : Trane is only five months old and still very playful.
He loves to be with children, and is growing very protective of us.



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