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The American Continent, page 10

Name :

Father :
Castle Mount Lizmark
Mother :
Verona (Escutia) Mex.
Born : June 1, 1996
Sex : Male
Color : Apricot
Breeder :
Dr. José Luis Varela (Mex.)
Owner : Santiago Calcagno
Address : Mexico City (use the e-mail address please), Mexico
E-mail :
Other pets : A female siamese cat and 3 parrots.
Information : Jerjes is 3.5 years old now with 188 pounds and 34.7 inches at the shoulder. He can be sweet as a child and very gentle and at the same time a fierce home guardian. The dog is the result of mixing a mexican line with Groppetti & Applewhaites lines from the stud dog. JERJES is an International Champion (besides two other local titles).


Name : Grady
Father : Ch. Coltons Beauregard
Mother : Malachi Midnight Star
Born : 10/31/93
Sex : Male
Color : Brindle
Breeder : Bettye & Donald Kettel
Owner : Dave & Tami Kuhn, J. Brazeau, D. Henderson
Address : USA
E-mail :
Homepage :
Other pets : mastiffs :)
Information : Grady is as sweet as he looks!


Name : Omar V. Herman Connie
Father : Omar V. Herman Mugsey Bear
Mother : Omar V. Herman Jas Min
Born : 15 May 1998
Sex : Female
Color : Fawn Black Mask
Breeder : Jerry y Ursel Korito
Owner : Agata Magdalena D'Agostino
Address : Nogoyá 2433 dpto C Capital Federal (1417), Argentina
E-mail :
Other pets : High Society
Picture : emailPicture
Information : She is looking for a boyfriend who cares about her and love her with all his heart.

Name : Pumpkin, The Shadow Hunter
Father : Sir Saxon of Wheeless
Mother : Dayanara of Shadow Canyon
Born : 7-12-99
Sex : Female
Color : Apricot
Owner : Gary & Cindy Troyer
Address : Tampa, FL
E-mail :
Other pets : Daisy - Husky/?
Information : Pumpkin's favorite toys are empty soda and beer boxes, empty plastic milk jugs and the kid's stuffed animals. Her favorite game is to play SHADOWS! Will keep her occupied for hours....

Name : Pa-Shega's Regal Beauty
Father : High Desert's Carbon Copy
Mother : Kelsy of Albion
Born : 5-9-97
Sex : Female
Color : Fawn
Breeder : Judie and Rhonda Morris
Owner : Judie Morris
Address : Hesperia, California, USA
E-mail :
Homepage :
Other pets : Several mastiffs, a rat terrier, 3 Pomeranians and 6 cats.
Picture : emailPicture
Information : Beauty is a BIG girl that is the center of my heart. She loves to go for rides (just not to the vet) and she thinks all puppies are hers.  She is so much like her mother, the most wonderful dog I have ever owned. Beauty will be with me for the rest of her life which I hope will be very long.

Name : Ch Lazy D's Magic Carpet Ride
Father : Ch Iguard's LazyD Marvelous Marv
Mother : Ch Groppetti's Dixie of Lazy D
Born : 03/01/98
Sex : Female
Color : Fawn
Breeder : Jimmy & Nancy Walker
Owner : Jimmy and Nancy Walker
Address : Coldwater, MS USA
E-mail :
Homepage :
Other pets : A lot of mastiffs
Information : Maggie is the light of our life! Everybody that meets her loves her.


Name : Ch. Majestiks Sir Kodiak
Father : Ch. Greco's Majestiks Murphy
Mother : Quail Hill Majestiks Klodia
Born : 5 April 1996
Sex : Male
Color : Brindle,Black Mask
Breeder : Susan M Visocchi
Owner : Michael W Yearous
Address : 16965 Sage Crest Road Peyton, CO. 80831
E-mail :
Information : Champion OFA:Excellant. With a very gentle disposition, Kodiak is 205 pounds of the most loving dog you could ever be around. He keeps very active running on our three acres with his friend Patch.


Name : Samson
Father : Bubba's Cruiser "Bruiser"
Mother : Fancy Pants Clancy
Born : July 29 1997
Sex : Male
Color : Brindle
Breeder : Cristy Reed
Owner : Tina Hallsworth
Address : USA
E-mail :
Other pets : 1 Doxie Mix
Information : Samson was giving to us by my brother in law,and at first I was a little leary about having him around cause he was so big,but now it's amazing how quickly you become attached....He is so sweet and such a great big baby....I LOVE HIM SOOO MUCH AND WOULD NEVER GET ANOTHER  BREED!!!!! I just pray he is here with us for a long time to come Ü...


Dozer and Tricia Raber144.
Father : BARON
Mother : MARLEY
Born : 11/01/98
Sex : Male
Color : Apricot brindle with black mask
Address : 17119 Massilon Road
Other pets : Yes, 2 other Mastiffs, and some cats.
Information : Dozer is 10 months in the picture. He weighed 150 lbs at 9 months. At last weighing he was 200 lbs. He is a big baby.


Pa-Shega's Playboy145.
Name : Pa-Shega's Playboy
Father : Pa-Shega's Quasi Storm
Mother : Chris' Varya Sterling Silver
Born : 12-8-99
Sex : Male
Color : Brindle
Breeder : Judie Morris
Owner : Rhonda Morris
Address : Hesperia, CA USA
E-mail :
Homepage :
Other pets : several other mastiffs, cats, & horses
Information : Playboy is called Buzz after Buzz Lightyear in "Toy Story." Buzz has the most wonderful personality and temperament. He is such a happy boy. Our goal is to keep him forever happy. He was a National Champion at 3 months and an International Champion at 4 months.


Name : maya
Father : amch kt's come on tahatan
Mother : alley's valentine jasmine
Born : 04-05-1997
Sex : Female
Color : fn blk msk
Breeder : linda j jonovitch
Owner : christopher king
Address : palm bay florida
E-mail :
Information : she is 3yrs and at 155 lbs and 32" high


Name : Omar V Herman Buster
Father : Arciniega's Mystical Sabbath
Mother : Omar V Herman Claudia
Born : 11-10-91
Sex : Male
Color : Apricot, black mask
Breeder : Jerry Korito /Ursel Korito
Owner : Gail & Virginia Murrell
Address : 8830 Mackey Rd., Elk Grove, CA 95624, USA
E-mail :
Homepage : None
Other pets : None
Information : Buster was the grand gent of our home. Weighed in at 235lbs, adulthood. He lived to be 81/2 yrs. He was not a champion, but a grand pet. Beautiful, large boned, barrell chested male mastiff. Strong in every way. Great, Great , Great Grand father was CH Deer Run Wycliff, Grandfather was CHArciniega's Lion, Grand mother was CH Arciniega's Abra, very long line of champions in his pedigree.

Name : Buster VII
Father : Paragon's Lion King
Mother : Victoria Ty Dean
Born : December 4, 1995
Sex : Male
Color : Fawn/black mask
Breeder : no
Owner : Albert Gray
Address : Pittsburgh, PA, USA
E-mail :
Other pets : none
Information : Buster is my first mastiff. I love him to death. Inasmuch as where I live there aren't many mastiff's, Buster has been unable to procreate. He has, however, been OFA certified, registered and passed every test imaginable (including taming the children). Anyone interested or with any knowledge of where I would begin, in terms of planning additions to our family, please e-mail me.

Name : Cliffsides Jobe of Granduer
Father : Admiral Spryance Of Granduer
Mother : Cliffsides Gilda Girl
Born : 11/7/98
Sex : Male
Color : Blk Brindle
Breeder : Marge Lutz
Owner : Marge Lutz
Address : USA
E-mail :
Other pets : 6 other mastiffs
Information : Hi , This is our jobe, he is a real sweetheart . I just cant believe how fast these guys grow. Seems I was hand feeding him just a few months ago, and now look at him! From just 36 ounces, to 34 and 225 lbs in a few short years. Thanks for looking - Marge Lutz.

Name : Neve
Father : Garth Brooks Kruse
Mother : Tammy? Kruse
Born : 11/28/97
Sex : Female
Color : Fawn
Breeder : Kruse Mastiffs
Owner : Tim Zimmerman & Shannon Sparks
Address : Wisconsin, USA
Other pets : Fish



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